How to get the perfect iPhone camera resolution

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Did you know that you can change your iPhone camera resolution? There are a lot of reasons why you might want to change your camera resolution. For example, some online platforms require a particular set of dimensions for uploading pictures. Here’s how to get the perfect camera resolution for your iPhone:

For Video

  1. Go to Settings > Photos & Cameras > Camera Section (Record Video or Record Slo-Mo Picture).
  2. Try to shoot 1080 HD at 30/60 fps or 720 HD.

You can also resize or crop images on your iPhone without a dedicated app. This does not mean that these apps are no good. But if you don’t have any photo-editing app, you needn’t worry. Just take a screenshot of the picture whose resolution you want to reduce. The resolution of your screenshot will be different from that of the original picture.

For those that insist on using apps to reduce their iPhone camera resolution, try Image Size App. This app defines a targeted resolution for your image, including millimeter, centimeter, inches and pixels. After editing, you can email the image to yourself or save to your iPhone.


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