How to get scrolling screenshots on any Android device

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One of the most useful features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Scrolling Screenshots feature. This allows you to take longer screenshots of a whole page. There are lots of apps that can try to imitate this feature by joining several screenshots together into one file, but that is just too much work. You can get the scrolling screenshots on your Android phone without so much stress.

This scrolling screenshots feature was first introduced to Samsung users on the Note 5, and the Galaxy S7 came with an improvement on the feature. On the Galaxy S8 the feature is known as Scroll Capture. Now, while the feature does not come on other Android devices by default, it can be done. There’s a third-party app that can take long screenshots, for those of us that do not have Galaxy phones. The app is known as Stitch & Share.scrolling screenshots app

Stitch& Share allows you to take screenshots as you normally would, then it stitches them together automatically. Other apps would have you do it yourself, so there’s the difference. All you have to do is to save the screenshot as one file. It even lets you share it from the app afterward.

One you download the app from the Google Play Store and grant it the required permissions, just take screenshots as usual. Then scroll on until only a small part of what you captured in the first screenshot is showing on your screen, then take another screenshot. Repeat until you have captured everything you need. After that, swipe down to open your phone’s notification panel and tap on Stitch & Share to open the app. from there, tap on the green arrow to save your long screenshot.

Now, the results will not be perfect. Also, there’s a small watermark at the bottom right of your screenshot, unless you upgrade to the paid version of the app. but Stitch & Share gets you really good scrolling screenshots, so it’s surely worth a try.

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  1. I have scrollshot on my Infinix Note 3 Pro(running Nougat). I’d tried using it previously but it never worked. I just tried it now and it did. I can’t share the picture here though.

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