Is Smile 4G’s unlimited internet promo really unlimited? We found out

Imagine true unlimited data for 30 days. No cut off. Full access to entire Internet content. Full 4G LTE superfast Internet for just N19,800.00. That is what Smile 4G is offering subscribers this festive season only. It sounded too good to be true, but trust us at to get someone to try it out. What did we find?

unlimited internet promo -Smile 4G no limits

He subscribed and went on a browsing/streaming/downloading spree – apps, videos, music, software updates, we just dived in. After all, you know, true unlimited. After a week of usage, he got a notice that he had a certain amount of data left. He ignored it. After another few days, he got another notice that said he had even less data left. An enquiry to Smile customer support assured him that the notices were nothing and that the highway was his.

Well, our reviewer simply floored the accelerator pedal of the Ferrari and blazed on. Tons of downloads, uploads, streaming, updates and all later, he is still browsing at speeds upwards of 7 Mbps. At last count, he had consumed over 20 GB of data, and he was just two weeks into his subscription. We are inclined to believe Smile’s claims about the promo. Ho ho ho! Have a not-so-unlimited Christmas! Update: In related news, it appears that the Unlimited Promo is throttled.

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