Imagine true unlimited data for 30 days. No cut off. Full access to entire Internet content. Full 4G LTE superfast Internet for just N19,800.00. That

Is Smile 4G’s unlimited internet promo really unlimited? We found out

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Imagine true unlimited data for 30 days. No cut off. Full access to entire Internet content. Full 4G LTE superfast Internet for just N19,800.00. That is what Smile 4G is offering subscribers this festive season only. It sounded too good to be true, but trust us at to get someone to try it out. What did we find?

unlimited internet promo -Smile 4G no limits

He subscribed and went on a browsing/streaming/downloading spree – apps, videos, music, software updates, we just dived in. After all, you know, true unlimited. After a week of usage, he got a notice that he had a certain amount of data left. He ignored it. After another few days, he got another notice that said he had even less data left. An enquiry to Smile customer support assured him that the notices were nothing and that the highway was his.

Well, our reviewer simply floored the accelerator pedal of the Ferrari and blazed on. Tons of downloads, uploads, streaming, updates and all later, he is still browsing at speeds upwards of 7 Mbps. At last count, he had consumed over 20 GB of data, and he was just two weeks into his subscription. We are inclined to believe Smile’s claims about the promo. Ho ho ho! Have a not-so-unlimited Christmas! Update: In related news, it appears that the Unlimited Promo is throttled.

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  1. Bros, first you say,

    Well, our reviewer simply floored the accelerator pedal of the Ferrari and blazed on

    then, you say,

    At last count, he had consumed over 20 GB of data, and he was just two weeks into his subscription

    Bros, eat this chicken. It’s Christmas.

    That’s not flooring any accelerator. That’s cruising along at a sedate 40km/hour.

    Back in the recent days, guys would do 20 Gigabytes in two DAYS flat, not weeks.

    I am.looking forward to the day when we would have unlimited bandwidth at a less poisonous financial rate, and with good speeds. Then the dsTv’s of this world would come to their corporate senses (online TV streaming unlimited) and voIP and video calls would become the preferred way of talking (Whatsapp about to introduce video calls)

  2. Without taking anything from this piece and on a light note, what is your reviewer doing still on 20GB in 2 weeks? A 1080p movie would average about 2.5GB! Get to work man! What software are you downloading? Get PES 2016 (about 4GB+)! Stream all of those HD tutorial videos on YouTube – remember you now get 60fps.

    I would have loved to test Smile’s unlimited plan but I’m hooked on Spectranet’s 40GB plan (read: 80GB this December)!

    Where was I again? Yes… Guzzle data!

  3. 20gb in 2weeks is still something. Multiply that by two.. You would have 40gb (a month approx).

    For me, that’s still very impressive

  4. Just came in here to reiterate what has been posted above. You guys are P*##!@$! 20GB in 2 weeks? That’s just sad.

    I could blow through that in 1 day, given proper 3.5G speeds not to talk of 4G LTE.

  5. Huh? 20gig in how many weeks again? I have used just 40gig in just 3 days, my younger brother will consume 80gig in 24hrs……..duh!!

  6. 20GB in Two Weeks? When my two little Boys with their Tabs consume over 20GB on Weekends between Friday evening & Sunday on the SPECTRANET Night/Weekend plan watching teens/kids’ movie ? & playing online games?

  7. People can exaggerate! just buy your smile 4g and let’s see what you can consume. someone even going to the extent that their kids consume even more. What do I call all this….. envy. Can some one just give us a screenshot of their usage and let’s see who is the champion of data grumps. Unfortunately, I don’t have smile in my area. People can lie. Lol!!

  8. It’s not exaggeration, I blow 40GB of data on smile in 2 weeks. If was digging a big hole in my pocket. I had to get Spectranet 4G LTE (which is cheaper at ₦12,000 for 40GB, plus 40GB promo data in December). I now use smile as backup and when I need real speed.
    If it were possible to post image here I would have posted a snapshot of my smile modern data used (303GB since 03/04/2016). Note that I was out of Lagos for about a month and so didn’t use it and since 6th November I had been using mainly Spectranet.

  9. Please do not key into the great Smile scam. At the moment, I am on the smile unlimited data plan. However, I have noticed a daily drop in speed. After a week of usuage, I could barely open a Web page so I called the smile customer care and was told that the more I download the more slower the speed gets. , now tell me is this not pure fraud? What is the meaning of unlimited plan? Can someone please advise on the appropriate authority this issue can be reported to.

  10. Smile unlimited data plan is a scam. Once you get up to about 40 GB your download speed dramatically reduces to about 60kb/s. After my subscription expires I’m saying goodbye to Smile and sticking with my Glo 24 GB plan.

  11. Smile is one of the internet service providers who came into the country and provide good internet service at not so affordable rates but people compromised. As of today, I strongly believe that they have decided to join the ranks of fraudulent companies and lure customers with deceptive packages.

    Smile sells the so-called Unlimited plan for N19,800 and tell you its subject to a fair usage policy. What the policy doesn’t say is that the unlimited plan is capped with 60GB usage. Secondly, the moment you sign up, you plan is throttled to not go past 5Mbps. The question then is, Should they not have included the 60GB usage limit on the fair usage policy so customers are aware that the plan really isn’t unlimited? Smile customer service says that you still will be able to access the internet but the truth is they reduce your speed to 400Kbps once you hit 60GB. Should customers dishing out N19,800 be aware of this limitation? Why not call it a 60GB plan rather than call it unlimited?

    I believe its about time we all understand that customer is king and no company can pull of deceptive moves and get away with it. People on this plan should invoke legal action as a matter of fact because they deliberately omitted the data limit and the policy just so that people can sign up. Smile communications should be queried!

  12. The same thing just happened to me Le Chieff. I reached 60gb a few days ago and noticed a massive drop off in speed and streaming speed. I wasn’t sure what was going on till i searched smile unlimited plan limit then low and behold i stumble upon this page and your comment. I’m so dissapointed in Smile not communicating that when i purchased plan. This is not small money people are paying..smh

  13. Truth is, all these stuffs are scams.
    Let’s not be divided over these guys that come into our country and rip us off…
    Only time I’ve ever experienced true “unlimited internet” was in the US.
    The operators even call you to try and top what your current provider offers you…
    And as Eyebeekay painted, the DSTVs of this world will come to their sense when true unlimited internet comes to town…

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