If you are a heavy internet user and desire to enjoy the cheapest data tariff in the country, be ready to cross from the GSM

Get unlimited internet for N1,000 monthly (official)

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If you are a heavy internet user and desire to enjoy the cheapest data tariff in the country, be ready to cross from the GSM pond to the CDMA side. Visafone offers a BlackBerry Complete plan that gives you ” unlimited” data for just N1,000 per month. The connection works for regular browsing, VOIP and media streaming. Also, it can be shared/tethered, so you can use your BlackBerry as a wireless hotspot to share the data with your PC, tablet and other smartphones.


Visafone BlackBerry

Of course, you have to buy a BlackBerry from Visafone to be able to use it. The way we see it, the cost of the device should be well worth it. Note though that only legacy BlackBerry OS 7.1 devices are available, specifically 9930 Bold, Curve 9370, and Curve 9310.


Visafone BIS


Visafone says that a fair usage policy applies to the BlackBerry Complete data. In practical terms, we gather that this translates to a 10 terabyte data cap. That is 10,000 gigabytes. If you can finish that within 30 days, you are boss. Game? Visit a Visafone centre to sign up.

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  2. How fast is their data? How reliable is it? As for Finishing 10GB in a month, that’s routine for me. I use more than 10GB on my smile modem every month.

  3. As for Finishing 10GB in a month, that’s routine for me. I use more than 10GB on my smile modem every month.


    Na lie. Read the post again. Not 10GB a month; 10,000GB. That is a thousand times 10GB 🙂

  4. Mr Mo, Oh, I didn’t realise that! Are they serious? What about the speed and reliability? It makes no sense having access to 10,000GB and you can’t even use 1GB out of it. That’s what I’m currently facing with my Glo subscription.

  5. Glo ke? That network is so very unsteady which explains why I never even considered them when they came out with their new data plans of N2,500 for 4.5GB, etc

  6. The fact I can tether it will make me take the risk of buying it this month. Hope this information of tethering is confirmed?

  7. That’s good news for heavy browsers like me, I will get it to power my Droid and windows phone

  8. @suiaiman and @ehis here’s d list of coverage area of visafone courtesy their website :
    LAGOSLagosABUJAKubwa, Jiwa/Gwagwa, Gwarimpa, Kado, Kurumi/Karimo, Utako, Lugbe, Asokoro, Wuse 2, Udo Udoma, Durumi/Garki, Kuchingoro, Chika, GimbiyaABIAAba, Umuahia, Uzuakoli, Ohafia, Abiriba, Igbere, Nkporo, Uturu, Item/Ihechiowa, Ihie, ObuakuCityAKWA IBOMUyo, Eket, Ibeno Local Govt. Area, OronANAMBRAOnitsha, Nnewi, Nnobi, Nnokwa, Awka-Etiti,Awka, Amawbia, Nibo, Nise, Enugwu-ukwu, Ogbunike, Nkpor, Obosi, Ogidi, Oba, Nkwelle Ezunaka, Nsugbe, Aguleri, Odekpe, Amansea, Oraifite, Amichi, OdekpeBORNOMaiduguriCROSS RIVERCalabarDELTAAsaba, Abraka and SapeleEBONYIOkposi and Ohaozara LGAEDOBenin and EkpomaTopENUGUEnugu, 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo, Ozalla, Ugwuoba, AgbaniIMOOwerri, Orlu, Okigwe, Mbaise, Obowo, Naze, Ulakwo, Mgbidi, NwereKADUNAKaduna and ZariaKANOKano, Danwanua, Bacchirawa, Dambere, Ruiyiya, ZakiKATSINAKatsinaKWARAIlorinNASSARAWAMaraba and karoNIGERSulejaOGUNOta and AbeokutaONDOAkureOSUNOsogboOYOIbadanPLATEAUJosRIVERSBonny Island, Bonny, Port Harcourt

  9. A good thing. Not biting, though, as I have a better alternative to this.

    The good thing is, data is getting progressively cheaper Good form the consumers.

  10. I just left a visafone shop and they said they’ve run out of stock of blackberry devices in Port Harcourt , I’m almost started shedding tears in front of the sales representative.

  11. @ Eye_bee_key
    Please which other better alternative do you have aside from this as stated in your comment. Kindly share, please!

  12. @eyebeekay please help us with your alternative, because I contacted swot technology who said something a juicy to me, maybe yours could be juicer.

  13. @okechukwu what was his alternative that’s no longer working? Because guess the visa fone tethering is still working.

  14. To avoid stories that touch later, get someone who use this in your present location and see its speed if its worth it for you. I have bought and sold it on two occasions because its speed is slower than anything. Its also better to buy the Bold 9930, so you can use your regular sim in it if you don’t get your value for money. Thank me later for this piece

  15. When it comes to data issues it brings a lot of roar. Really shows that we want more from data that voice.

  16. Please don’t let us forget that your location determines the speed. While it works for some,it may not for others. Look before you leap.

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