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Now, ANYONE can get word about their new startup, product or service in 30 minutes and without emptying their bank account. MobilityArena has simplified the process and reduced the cost of getting your sponsored post out to the market. Just click on the Sponsored Post Lite link, complete your order, pay the fee of N15,000 securely with your ATM card, MasterCard or VISA card and then mail in your post for publishing.

It Is Easy To Get Your Sponsored Post Lite Out

Here is what we have done, in two easy steps:

  1. we made the order process simple and fast: your post will be up in 30 minutes
  2. we made it more cost effective for you to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly: amazing value for just N15,000

Good things don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Good things don’t have to be complicated to get. Tell everyone in your circles. ANYONE can now get their sponsored post lite published on Mobility Arena easily in 30 minutes.

Order Sponsored Post Lite Now

You can have your post up within 30 minutes. Place your order now.

Want A Sponsored Post With No Limits to Text, Images and Links?

To order a sponsored post with no limits on how much text, how many images and links, click here.

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