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My 2015 app

Trend watching, trend spotting, whatever they call it these days it means the same thing – staying up to date. This applies to fashion, politics, technology, music, food and just about any topic under the sun.

As much as people make reference to just about anything ‘going viral’, we must admit that with the new shift from desktop to mobile, the probability of this happening has increased tremendously. The seemingly insignificant and inconsequential, get the highest attention these days. What’s important is not getting the news first but getting it out first and on the right platform too.

With more and more people personalising their mobile phones, it really isn’t news that mobile platforms are now the way to go. Mobile apps have become all the rage with social, games and instant messaging apps still topping the list of most popular mobile apps in Nigeria. In a bid to get on this hot list of mobile apps, MTN released the My2015app which started off with a bang helping fans track their new year resolutions. MTN Ambassadors pulled us all into the New Year Resolution train with the promise of a Resolution tracker. We aren’t making resolutions anymore so you most likely will be asking – what comes next?

There is still so much to be done this year – Creating a business proposal? Planning a wedding? Learning to be a celebrity cook? Or after being able to lose all those unwanted pounds you would like your loved ones to be able to live healthy like you? Then the My2015app is still the way to go as it has business opportunities, food and healthy living tabs which help you stay up-to-date.

Wondering about data? MTN has also got you covered with

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