Getting Tired Of Flashing Devices? D’oh!

Posted by Mister Mobility

People keep asking me questions about flashing custom ROMs on their smartphones and tablets. Sometimes, whenever I mention an issue with a smartphone, someone recommends that I flash a custom ROM on it. At other time when an official update is yet to be available in this region, someone would suggest that I get it by flashing. Again, I see people recommending a flash as a solution to regular phone users, which I always find ridiculous. Personally, I am quite skilled enough at flashing, and I have done so a number of times in the past. The truth is that after a while, it became a drag. Eventually, I walked away from rooting and flashing. Life is too short!

This evening, two die-hard proponents of flashing made shocking declarations on Twitter. Here are three tweets from them:

None of the above surprises me. As a matter of fact, I very much expected this sort of endings. Oh, and this needs to be mentioned: there is not one custom ROM that I have ever flashed was without one issue or the other. And I flashed plenty. Eventually, I was always better off with the original ROM than with a custom one.

Anyway, to those of you still hung up on flashing your devices, what is my concern with what you do with your time? Enjoy! But to those who have finally gotten tired of, and outgrown, the flashing thing, I say, Welcome to Flashers Anonymous!!!


  1. Lol. I dont think flashing a device is tiring. How many times do u need to flash a device anyway? I have only flashed my p5100 only twice since I got it with the samsung stock rom jb.

  2. Exactly! @Emmaachile. I’ve flashed my devices for at least 60 times and I can tell you that it gets tiring ONLY when you flash for the sake of knowing what flashing is about or adventure. I on the other hand know what I want and I flash accordingly, not just flashing the latest ROMs on XDA because I can.

  3. I have flash my s3 with many roms….
    What am I looking in roms are…….and a good battery life..
    The one am using now good..
    Can I get tired of flashing roms.? NO
    WHY? I have internet access to download..

  4. I have flashed my SGS2 twice recently, I won’t be doing that anymore (maybe until a stable cynanogen Key Lime Pie ROM comes out) I can’t keep reinstalling or setting up my device over and over again.

  5. Can someone explain to me what this flashing does to a smart phone. I have a t-mobile Galaxy tab but the problem is that browsing on all the network is very slow. Can flashing work, which custom rom is okay

  6. If I could remember, I only flashed once with ICS ROM before the official updates were rolled out. But I can’t remember the number of times I flashed with leaked official jelly bean firmware mostly with mobile odin pro. The funny part of mobile odin pro is that, you are free from the stress of having to hook your device to a PC and you have an option of rooting your device in the process of firmware update. Me, can’t stop flashing my phone as long as there is a right firmware or ROM that suits my needs.

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