This Gionee phone is coming with an embedded security chip

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Gionee is one smartphone maker popular in China and India. Even in Nigeria here, they have a presence. If you recall, I once explained why I’d choose a Gionee over a TECNO, but let’s leave that argument for another day. Gionee is preparing to launch a new device – the Gionee M6. What’s special with this device?


The phone is reportedly coming with am embedded security chip. This acts as a black box, protecting sensitive data by isolating it from the device’s software layer. Vice-President, Mr. Yu Lei, revealed this on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter), that the M6 will come with the said chip. Here’s a schematic diagram of what the chip would look like:


The hardware encryption here would be more difficult to compromise, compared with software encryption. This implementation probably makes this device the most secure Android smartphone yet.



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