Mobility Hangout with Olamide and Gionee S Plus Photos

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Olamide Egbayelo, a digital media manager. We selected a nice lounge in Lagos. Olamide was looking all trendy in a short gown, leggings and sneakers. And how else could I have ended up with Gionee S Plus photos if not that she carried one?

HWMM Olamide

We talked about digital media and technology in Nigeria, among other things and pulled a few funny faces for the camera. Her nice, gold Gionee S Plus smartphone is a beautiful, capable device. It takes good photos and we had a good time goofing with selfies. No; I am not publishing those pics here. :-p Maybe they will show up on or on my Instagram page (TheMoverick)

Anyway, here are a few Gionee S Plus photos for your delight. Enjoy!

Gallery of Gionee S Plus photos

Gionee S Plus photos - in hand

Gionee S Plus photos - rear

Gionee S Plus photos - camera

Gionee S Plus photos - side

Check out the full specifications of the Gionee S Plus if it interests you.

I hope you like the Gionee S Plus Photos.

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