One of the major problems of using a SmartPhone as an ALMOST complete replacement for a laptop is the screen size – and by extension

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One of the major problems of using a SmartPhone as an ALMOST complete replacement for a laptop is the screen size – and by extension – the size/legibility of the characters displayed. Some applications recognize this problem by providing the option to choose font size as embarrassingly big as you wish. After all, it is your eyes!

There is no way (yet) to increase the screen size without a corresponding increase in the overall size / girth of your mobile device (sliders partially address that, at the expense of the phone thickness).

Also – all things being equal, the bigger the screen size, the greater the battery consumption.

Staring at tiny characters would be uncomfortable (and probably have a long-term strenuous effect on the eyes. the eye doctors would know better!).

One way I addressed this problem (when I was using a Symbian 60 Version 3 – Nokia 3250 twister) was through the use of an application called Psiloc Font Manager. That application allows you specify the typestyle and font size of the characters on your phone. This is done at the Systems level so that the font characteristics thus chosen – apply throughout all applications on that phone.

Problem is, Psiloc Font Mnager has an s60v5 versio, but it does not seem to work well for me.

I have been searching for a while for a replacement app for S60V5. I recently came across an application that performs this function very well – with no issues.

This is called ‘Font Zoomer’. Like older-school ‘Psiloc Font manager’ , it allows you set system-wide font size and character type, and additionally- character transparency.

Font Zoomer is available as a paid application on the Ovi Store for US $3.89. The trial version is available with some limitations (just 3 font style available…)

You can also download ‘Font Zoomer’ from here. If you own a Symbian 60 Version 3 / Version 5 phone, give this a try (I have – it is GOOD!) and give your poor eyeballs a break from those tiny letters.

Now, I have a good reason to use Opera Mini6 more. The tiny fonts (even when set to maximum) – have always been a pain in my eyeballs (neck too).


  1. My problem with Nokia C6 has always been the font size of its display. I am at the brink of selling off the phone just based only on this issue.

    Thanks for this write up. I’ll try out the zoomer and if it works well for me, I might just keep the Nokia for a while longer till I see another good reason to fling it.

    I wonder why Nokia can’t have text zoom with word reflow on their phones like all modern touchscreen phones.

  2. Font type or size can be customized on android easily. And with text wrap…even after increasing the size by zooming, you can have all your texts displayed within the screen size without scrolling left and right.
    Good article. I potty my bb users esp …most of them get to keep their bbs so close to their face so they can read the tiny fonts.

  3. I finally got a version of Psiloc Font Manager to work on my Symbian 60 v5.
    It works well- but lacks the feature to ary transparency / character spacing features..

    There is a version of Font Zoomer that SEEMS to work without ANY limitation of the trial version. It is In Polish or something.
    Since there are just three things to set – font style, transparency and character spacing (in that order- top to bottom), this is not such a big issue.You set once, forget forever.

    Download from with your inbuilt browser,and see..

  4. @EyeBeeKay,

    So happy to see ur post as the zoomer in the article is so limiting with annoying message to buy whenever you click anything.

    But your link is not working. Page not found. I feel like crying.

  5. @DeolaDoctor: The version I am using gives no such problems (v1.11).NOT a trial, multiple fonts available for selection.

    If this does not (AGAIN)work for you, I give up (and you buy it?)

  6. @EyeBeeKay

    Thanks for going all these miles to get me the zoomer. I’ve just downloaded this one and will test it shortly.

    But could you believe that i have Psolic font magnifier preinstalled on my C6 and never knew all these while? Yet i blame people for not using rheir phones? I just found out today when i was about uninstalling the last zoomer that didn’t work.

    Silly me.

  7. Deoladoctor >> Its working like magic now.

    Glad to hear that!

    My favourite font is ‘Droid Sans Serif’. No matter how small you make this font, it remains legible!

    Just added some giga-seconds to my UNASSISTED eye-life-span…lol

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