Hangout with MobilityArena Giveaway Winner, Araoye

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Yesterday afternoon, our giveaway winner, Araoye Gbadebo, picked up his OUKITEL K6000 Plus smartphone. We hooked up at Ikeja City Mall and sat down to talk, as well as take a few pictures.

MobilityGiveAway Winner Araoye Mister Mo

He told me how was introduced to MobilityArena by a friend who shared an update on Facebook and he fell in love with the site. According to him, he is in love with all things technology.

His first feeling about the giveaway was discouragement after seeing that someone had a few hundred MobilityPoints headstart on him. He wondered if he could ever catch up. Fortunately for him, that person wasn’t so active on the blog during the giveaway and his hard work paid off eventually.

Araoye was ecstatic about his K6000 Plus. He is coming from a 1 GB RAM smartphone to the 4 GB RAM OUKITEL. And with 64 GB internal storage, he says he will not be needing a memory card. Awesome. We sat and talked as he set up his new phone on the spot.

We thank Araoye for spicing up the month of August for us and we look forward to years of meaningful engagement here on the blog.

Giveaway Winner, Araoye with his oukitel k6000 plus

That is another giveaway done and dusted. And we have another happy beneficiary. Don’t forget that MobilityArena membership has benefits. Keep accumulating those MobilityPoints. E fit be you!

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  1. Big thank you to you, Mobility Arena, this day is one of the happiest day of my life, that I will always remembered. Is like a dream come true for me, I am really grateful. You are always the best, Mister Mo, God bless you.

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