Whether or not you like a glass back on your smartphone, it looks like you will have to use one anyway, if Counterpoint’s projections work


A shiny glass back is coming to your smartphone soon

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Whether or not you like a glass back on your smartphone, it looks like you will have to use one anyway, if Counterpoint’s projections work out.


It is easy to find write-ups about phone camera pixels, phone thinness, battery power and other qualities of a smartphone. Today, we talk about another physical quality – the back side of a smartphone. Metal and plastic backs have been around for as long as I can remember using a smartphone.

Most phones come with a bland plastic back, and others with a metal back. But the back side of high-end phones are now being built with glass, making them all shinny and glittery. Phones with glass on the back are gorgeous so see and feel great in the hand.


Benefits of a Glass Back on phones

Lenovo Vibe S1 with a glass back mirror mirror-min

Do you remember our articles about how wireless charging works? Apparently, a glass back helps a lot with connectivity to wireless networks. Wireless charging is the way forward, so… Using glss also means that phones offer better network, WiFI, NFC, and Bluetooth connectivity.


Glass is cheaper to use than metal too. As such, you can understand why glass will be adopted as the choice material for the backs of more phones.

Issues with a Glass Back

Smartphones with glass backs look all shinny and glittery. But they are also slippery. This means you have to be extra careful handling them. To make matters worse, glass is more delicate and a little fall may do mighty damage to the phone. We do not want that; do we?

To protect these delicate gadgets, we can use pouches. But then, what exactly is the point of using a beautiful phone with glass back if we still have to cover it up to protect it?


The clumsy ones like me will just have to find ways around this especially now that a research conducted showed that glass-backed smartphones will take over by 2020.

LG G6 has a glass back

Up to 60% by 2020

This results of this research conducted by Counterpoint Research, a global industry analysis firm head-quartered in Asia, has looked at the trends of adoption of glass back smartphones and come up with a projection. The result is shown as follows:

  • 2016: 7%
  • 2017: 13%
  • 2018: 26%
  • 2019: 41%
  • 2020: 60%

Presently, only 26% of smartphones use glass as the material for the back side. But from the table above, that figure can rise to as high as 60% in another two years. If that proves to be accurate, like it or not, a glass back is coming to your smartphone soon.

Yes; it looks like Gorilla Glass and its competing companies are going to make truckloads of money in the future. CounterPoint agrees.

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