Glo 1 rolls out commercial services

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Today’s edition of The Guardian newspaper carries a news item announcing that the Glo 1 submarine fibre optic cable is now commercially active.

According to the news item, Glo 1 was unveiled in Lagos at the weekend. Glo promises that broadband access and other services will now be affordable.

Hopefully, Glomobile will soon announce the long-anticipated new mobile internet tariffs. MTN has long since rolled out more affordable mobile internet tariffs and more robust plans. MTN is connected to the rival Main One cable.

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  1. Glo’s effort is commendable. However, let glo do more and talk less. What subscribers are getting presently is not commensurate with the media noise glo is making. Let the benefits of glo-1 begin to get to glo subscribers.

  2. @Victore just said my mind.

    I want to see it benefit the end users.

    I had to tell a friend to return an Apple TV because I know my internet is not strong enough to stream on my HDTV.

    Goole TV, Logiteck Reveu & Xbox Kinect are out and I really want to video chat with friends and family from my living room.

    If Glo 1 is what Adenuga says it is, this should not be a problem and at an affordable price.

    I want to see some Broadband actions.

  3. Frankly speaking congratulating glo is just too early.Let that be saved till they roll out new pocket friendly tarriffs much better than what mtn has done.Thats the only way glo can convince doubting subscribers like me.Enough of the hype because talk is very cheap,After almost ten years of mobile communications operation in Nigeria we the faithfull consumers deserve better treatment Need I say more…………?

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