Your experience may be different, but Glo’s 3G internet sucks at my end. Almost everywhere I went, Glo internet sucked big time. There was a

Glo 3G sucks, but Glo 4G internet has been a lifesaver

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Your experience may be different, but Glo’s 3G internet sucks at my end. Almost everywhere I went, Glo internet sucked big time. There was a time it wasn’t so, but gradually, the experience deteriorated to the point that I stopped using Glo internet entirely.

It wasn’t just me though. The entire Mobility Arena crew stopped using Glo 3G internet because none of them could get things done with it. We concluded that it was a hopeless battle.

Then along came Glo 4G. Of course, it is our job to test it, even if we won’t use it as our primary internet connection. And tested it, we did. And we were surprised. It was fast, stable and reliable. So we kept our eyes on it. And so it was that when our primary internet provider began to misbehave – as they all do eventually – we thought, “Why not try Glo 4G? It was good when we tested it and the tariffs are great”.

And so, we fell back on Glo 4G. And it saved the day. Shock. Horror. Glo? But we have run back to it again and again as a backup. And it kept saving the day. This is April 2017 and I depend on Glo 4G daily.

Glo 3G still sucks. I know this because my colleagues who do not have 4G service keep tearing out their hair and cursing Glo 3G internet. One of them had to switch to another network yesterday. But me, I am typing this on Glo 4G and not breaking a sweat. Clocking 20 Mbps is common. Sometimes, it is as good as 40 Mbps.

Glo 4G is great. In my experience, it has been faster and more stable than what 4G connections on Smile, Ntel, MTN and Etisalat have been able to deliver. So, till Glo realises that they have made me too happy and decide to spoil this beautiful experience, or till an irresistible smartphone that does not support Glo’s 28(700) LTE band comes my way, I am pitching my tent right here. Update: Glo has just revised their data volumes downwards. Awww, shucks.


  1. GLO (Nigeria) is not an option for me., now.

    I look at their fantastic data offering the way a cockerel looks at the millet in a bottle… it can not avail itself!

    The 3G and below is like an arthritic 80 year old sprinting along the highway. No point bothering.

    My phone, an InfiniX Note 2 (x600) doesn’t support Glo’s 28(700) LTE band, and I have only used it for two years, leaving three more years of service life.

    Why must GLO (Nigeria) choose an LTE band that’s not supported by most phones? I tire!

    So, let GLO (Nigeria) keep their slow pace to themselves, for now, while I make do with MTN (Nigeria) ..

  2. They are fast cause their band is rare, I believe they will remain fast in a long while, if you really valued your money you would find a modem that supports their band cause no other network is as cheap as glo. As for me unfortunately glo’s 4g network is not available where I stay in lagos.

  3. Glo 4G is superb. I’ve gotten speed of up to 50mps. And the data is cheap. The only draw back is that they don’t have unlimited data offering. With the speed of the network I’ve seen myself guzzling 24GB of data in less than 10 days .

  4. Mobility is talking and that means it’s time for me to test GLO again. I noticed that no mention was made on the location where the 4G LTE service was tested. The locations on GLO’s website are pretty limited. Can you confirm your usage location? Any idea about Surulere area would be much appreciated.

  5. Oh, apparently I was looking in the wrong places on GLO’s website. Surulere is covered. But please still confirm your the location(s) where the service was tested. Thank you.

  6. I use Tecno Camon C9 totally compatible with Glo 4G LTE network and this has been making day but I still wonder how you got to hate Glo so much.

  7. Did you say TECNO Camon C9 is compatible with Glo 4G network? Are there different variants? I have a TECNO Camon C9 and it’s not compatible with Glo 4G. I had to buy Alcatel POP4 PLUS to use with Glo 4G.

  8. I use Glo 4g LTE in ile-ife and average 10mbps. The highest I got was 17mbps. It’s awesome. No buffering, but the 3g sucks.

  9. Please does the blackberry q10 support glo 4g lte. I know it supports mtn and etisalat 4g lte. If not what kind of phone supports glo 4g lte.

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