GloMobile has introduced a special BlackBerry package, dubbed BlackBerry U, which offers the lowest uniform tariff structure for Prepaid BlackBerry users on any network in

Glo BlackBerry U is best prepaid BIS deal

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GloMobile has introduced a special BlackBerry package, dubbed BlackBerry U, which offers the lowest uniform tariff structure for Prepaid BlackBerry users on any network in the country.

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With BlackBerry U, all existing and new Glo prepaid Blackberry subscribers can now enjoy a call rate of N25 per minute or 42 kobo per second for all calls including Glo-to-Glo and Glo to other networks as against the present N42 per minute or 70 kobo per second.

This makes Glo BIS the best BlackBerry internet service deal in Nigeria at the moment. BlackBerry uptake on the Glo network and in the country is likely to witness an increase because of this.

Steps to Get Started

Step 1:
Activate any blackberry prepaid package from Glo by sending the keyword of the package of choice to 777, e.g., Text ‘BISMONTH’ to 777 for the monthly prepaid blackberry package. Here are the available BIS packages on the Glo network:

Package Keyword Service Rental Validity Data bundle
BIS Month BISMONTH N4,800 30 days* UNLIMITED

*All plans are “unlimited”, but there is a fair usage policy on them all, so don’t go downloading heaven and earth.

Step 2:
Once the Prepaid Blackberry package of choice has been activated, simply text “U” to 7070 to begin enjoying the lowest call rate at N25/min or 42k/sec.

Non-BlackBerry Smartphones Supported

In a surprising twist, Glo says that apart from BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Connect software on which BlackBerry U runs can also work with devices from manufacturers such as HTC (Only factory pre-installed models of HTC TyTN II, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro and HD), Nokia (E90, E61, E61i, E70, E51, E65) and Sony Ericsson (P1i, W950, Xperia X1).

These devices can also be configured to access niche packages which BlackBerry devices provide. These include connection to push email and access to social sites like Facebook and Twitter.


  1. This package seem to make sense to me. I use the Glo N6,000 G100 per month. If I get a blackberry I could pay just N5,800, be able to connect to the net via the blackberry and still enjoy the rates…? I hope I am right.

  2. If I buy a BB I will certainly be on Glo.

    Apart from this, Glo N5000/Month for 1.5GB on any phone is also awesome.

  3. BIS for Zain is 4750 inclusive of 1gb which equals 5gb of data on other smartphone, while Step up by zain offers voice calls for as low as 15k per sec. Glo u try sha, but Zain (abi na Airtel) for life.

  4. veritas

    Can you explain in details how 1gb on Zain BIS equals 5gb of data on other smartphones?

    Can BIS be run on Zain Step up? The Zain Nigeria website is not clear on this.

  5. BB has a superb data compression technology, which allows it to utilize less data compared to other devices. A colleauge & I did a test on the iphone & bb over a period of 2 days doing same data. Result, iphone-147MB & bb-12MB. Zain offers the highest inclusive data in Nigeria-1GB.

  6. Step up is a tariff package both applicable to prepaid & postpaid platform. So its a SIM function, hence it can work on bb.

  7. I will have to agree with veritas as per the compression stuff on bb, I have unlimited data on my blackberry but with the amount of tethering that I do on my bb and with all the apps and downloads that I do, I am still amazed when I check my usage and it is less than what I was expecting.

  8. I understand the compression technology that veritas explained, and I am writing an article on that soon. I still do have a problem with his submission that Zain with 1GB has the best inclusive data when Glo and Etisalat offer unlimited. Am I missing something?

  9. Pls Yomi can i enjoy this service with my Nokia E72 or E63 I didn’t see them in the list

  10. “BB has a superb data
    compression technology,
    which allows it to utilize
    less data compared to other
    devices. A colleauge & I did
    a test on the iphone & bb
    over a period of 2 days
    doing same data. Result,
    iphone-147MB & bb-12MB.
    Zain offers the highest
    inclusive data in

    this has me confused!

    could the marked compression rate (experienced by Veritas) be the result of BB’s inbuilt compression technology – rather than Zain’s?

    to conclude the way Veritas did, it would be necessary to repeat that same experiment (that he and his colleague performed) – using glo, mtn and etisalat.

    without doing that, though, I would hazard a guess -that it its not in the interest of any network (that charges per byte) to offer data compression {the way Truth says).

    while doing so will reduce network traffic, it will simultaneously reduce their bottomline..

  11. @Eyebeekay. ” I would hazard a guess -that it its not in the interest of any network (that charges per byte) to offer data compression ”

    I couldn’t disagree more. This would preserve their bandwidth and load on their network. AS such they can cater for more customrers with better services/efficiency. In the long run customer satisfaction and loyalty. More customers. More money!

  12. Afewgoodmen,

    That’s exactly how it works. I started an article on this subject but have been up to my neck in work. It is about what makes BlackBerry attractive to both networks and subscribers. I’ll try to complete it tonight.

  13. Finally, Blackberry is now possible on Nokia phones. I’m so getting one now that I can enjoy the blackberry service with 3G connection (Nokia Phones) instead of the regular GPRS on most blackberry phones 😉

    Looking forward to your post on this compression thingy.

  14. @Jab & Chukwudi,

    Nokia dropped BlackBerry Connect when they launched Nokia Messaging some time back. This means that the latest crop of Nokia smartphones do not support BlackBerry service.

    If you want Nokia for BIS, for example, you will have to settle for the older range of devices like the E90, E61 and E65.

  15. Nokia messaging has not been effecive enough.
    Emoze pushes my mails perfectly .
    Yomi expanciate more on the black berry pin, how can it be obtained.

  16. This Glo Blackberry U package sounds nice but honestly can somebody tell me whether Glo BIS in Lagos is good in terms of speed, reliability and stability? Some people are tellin me it isnt and that I should opt for MTN or Etisalat instead. Can someone give me insight? Thanks

  17. Am about subscribing to Glo BIS but Yomi and Veritas’ view on compression and Gigabytes leaves me confused. to me I feel the glo offers a flexible and even affordable plan for everyone. Should I go ahead?

  18. @H.E
    Data compression on BB plan is favourable to network operators as consumers on that platform use less of operators bandwidth, so that shouldn’t stop you from signing on to a BB plan.

  19. Hey Guys. I just found out this forum recently and I like it here. I have a Nokia E61i but I don’t know if I can use BlackBerry Internet Service on it. Will the BIS be able to give internet access(browsing) on a Nokia e61i. I need to know if this is possible and how i can go about it. Thanks Guys.

  20. @ bosun99uk
    Is it possible with MTN? Is there anything I need to configure or install first before I can use this feature. If theres any info u have on MTN or Zain BB services, i’ll be glad. I will try Glo daily package in the mean time. Thanks.

  21. Iyke,

    For BIS on Nokia E61i, you need to install BlackBerry Connect first. I have no idea about web browsing though.

  22. Thanks guys. But what of Zain or etisalat? Has anyone here tried it on Zain? The Glo package looks very pocket friendly but I hope one can get a speed of 3G or something close to it.

  23. I am testing out Glo BIS on a BB Bold at the moment. I will be attempting to set it up as a modem with a PC to see how it goes. Look out for a review shortly.

  24. I use bis glo on bb 9700 but I discover sometimes my credit get deducted even when I dnt use it for calls. And my data plan is still active. I like glo but I might want to switch to mtn. Coz dis is not too good.

  25. Metamba,

    It went well. To the best of my knowledge it is unlimited. HOWEVER, if you are tethering with a PC, do note that your tethering is billed outside of the BIS plan.

    Tethering is available only via Glosecure with standard per kB rates.

  26. YA why are you putting unlimited under the BIS data bundle, when it is obvious that your call credit will be attacked at a point when the capped bundle not indicated is exhausted?

  27. i got this experience of call credit being attacked. I believe its because i downloaded twitter and businessweek bloomberg. The default twitter setting was downloading or trying to refresh too often, maybe every 3minutes or so, dont quote me on that. After your call credit finishes, you can still browse though. Thats my personal experience. It happened more than once, when i downloaded twitter and next when i downloaded BusinessWeek.
    Mine is on MTN BIS.(5k/month)

  28. Chris,

    I can hazard a guess what happened. Any browsing or downloading that you do that uses the WAP browsing setting or TCP connection is billed. I am guessing that your download used this option.

    It is an annoying technical detail of BB devices. Ensure that you set your Internet Browser as default. Disable the WAP option. Disable the TCP options except you need to tether with your BB (you are billed outside your BIS for this, of course).

    I guarantee you, if you stay with the right channels, you won’t incur any extra expenses outside of your BIS subscription.

  29. hello,

    please i jst activated the GLO BIS weekly plan and i still have GSM signal EDGE or GPRS oo…any suggesions please?

  30. Rexomani, have you received the message notifying you that your BIS subscription is now active? If yes, what you need to do now is switch off your BlackBerry and then switch it back on.

  31. Glo BIS is fradulent it is being down since yesterday. I av to forfeit my weekly subscription that is supposed to expire on teusday to change to other network

  32. Anyone Help pls

    I want to change over to Glo BIS from MTN and I don’t want to have to reformat my phone. My MTN BIS expires in few days time. I don’t want to lose my settings or BBMessenger contacts etc.

    How do I go about it? Do I just let it expire on MTN then subscribe to Glo?


  33. @Deoladoctor why will you choose to jump sheep to Glo BB. My experience with them is terrible. One there service is not unlimited. Two they have a way of eating to your phone virtual credit.

    If you still choose to change. Back up your blackberry on your laptop and try the SIM on it, if you loose any information you can easily restore it. Thanks

  34. @olukunle

    Thanks for your reply. In fact I just sent an email to Yomi on the issue few seconds before I saw alert for your post.
    Why Glo? It really doesn’t have to be Glo. All I wanted is to free my main line which is MTN, from the restrictions of BIS and use it on my samsung Wave so as to get full experience of bada OS. The BIS could then be on any of my other lines. A friend of mine is using Glo BIS and has not given any negative feedback so far. Also, I am in Sapele and we have no 3G so I need a network whose gprs is stable here.

  35. @Deoladoctor you are free to choose anything you like. That is my own expeience good luck catch yaaaaaaaaaa

  36. @Olukunle

    Their plans not unlimited? I thought it is. Will have to confirm this.
    As for eating into my credit, I wouldn’t worry because there will be nothing to eat into. The line is not my main line so most of the time it will carry zero credit. Want to use it only for BIS.

  37. I am interested in knowing the pros and cons of Airtel BB. As for Glo hiting your call credit, I hAve found out it happens only when you phone browse through the wap browser and not through BB Browser. @DeolaDoctor As for browsing with zero credit after BB subscription, you’ll not be able to use BB service except you have some credit on your phone just as it is with gloflat.

  38. @Iatb I am currently on Airtel BIS you can only access EDGE and GPRS not 3G, to their plus you can use your BB as a Modem to access the internet I have not being able to do that with any other BB you also have access to 1Gig compressed Data. They are often subject to BB blackout I have experienced that twice this month I have to go for MTNWEEK as a back up. I hope this help.

  39. @iatb & Olukunle

    I must have to leave some credit in glo line before I can use BIS? That’s not appetizing.
    Then the juicy Airtel destroyed by BB blackouts.

    Does anyone know anything positive or negative about etisalat?

    Looks like I may have to stick with MTN to the detriment of my samsung wave. I am troubled by all these things am hearing

  40. @Olukunle: Thanks for the answer. I have been on Airtel before going BB. The special sim I use was not allow for BB. Hence I am on Glo BB. The concern however is to be free from carrying 2 phones. As you observe, I think it is not BB outage but network outage, as one has problem calling and receiving calls when that airtel neywork disease comes up.

    The question to explore now is which is the best network in Nigeria considering all factors: call rate; BB service; Network spread; and etc.
    Thanks Olukunle

  41. @deoladoctor: Not as bad as you think. If your settings do not favour wap browsing, Glo wouldn’t touch you credit with my experience so far. Just watch out while browsing that you are using BB browser and it will be well with your credit.

    What are the pros and cons on MTN BB service. I am inquiring so as to drop the second phone. For inStance if the service is olkay on MTN and it gives me a good call rate, I will hop on the ship

  42. @Deoladoctor I am about launching etisalat weekly BIS I have being figuring out to provision the card without getting to their office. Anybody have idea. Others GSM you just send the host routing table and you are good to go. Any other intelligence

  43. Thanks guys
    Now I can relax and make an informed choice before saturday when my BIS expires. Or could I just jump wagon now without waiting for it to expire?

    As for MTN BIS, I have no hassle with it and its been serving me well. Its just that I want to free my MTN line for my samsung wave otherwise, I would still have continued with MTN BIS.

  44. @Deoladoctor It is the same process get a SIM and send host Routing table and you are good to go.

  45. @Olukunle
    Are you saying all i need to do to change BIS is simply load the required amount in the sim card, pop it in the bb then go to advance option > host routing services, highlight and click Regisrter Now.

    Is that it?

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