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Glo has launched a new package that promises subscribers freedom from having to subscribe to and renew a data plan every month. Glo Flexi, as it has been named, lets users dial a special code to load airtime and access voice calls and internet without a need to subscribe to any data plan.

It is a beautiful idea. The Flexi page on Glo’s website does not specify what the voice call rate is for subscribers of the plan. And with regards internet usage, the page says the package offers users bundle data at the rate of just N1 per MB. N1 per MB is not exactly bad. It is lower than what you will get if you subscribe for a monthly data plan. There’s a demography of users that this is suited to.

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The lack of information about voice call tariff for Flexi is unsettling though. One would expect that Glo would make that info clear as well.

Who Is Glo Flexi For?

Older citizens who are uncomfortable with keeping track of different codes for recharging and another one for internet are likely to find the idea of Glo Flexi appealing. I am not sure that upwardly mobile youngsters and middle age people will bother with it much.

How To Get On Glo Flexi

To use Glo Flexi, when you want to recharge your line, do not use the regular recharge code. Instead,, just recharge with the code *123*PIN# as usual. Glo has made Flexi the default package for all subscribers. That is all. Once the recharge is credited to your line, you have the freedom to use the credit either for voice or data.

Cons Of Glo Flexi

I have mentioned that the data rate that Flexi offers is much lower than what Glo’s regular data plans offer. In addition, if you want to use Glo Flexi, you won’t be able to buy airtime via traditional online/mobile airtime recharge channels.

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  1. Please is there any other code for recharging Glo lines? I have always recharged my line using *123*PIN#

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