GLO gains 1 million internet subscribers, Xiaomi may stop shipping phones with chargers, and other news we missed last week.

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As at the end of April 2015, GLO has gained 1 million internet subscribers. This is a very good achievement when compared to the total number of internet users we have in the country. We are heavily suspecting GLO BIS is the reason behind this sudden soar.

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During the week, Xiaomi hinted they were considering to stop bundling chargers in their phone retail packs. Maybe as a cost cutting measure or for a cleaner greener environment, we can’t really tell. But come to think of it, most of us already have chargers lying around at home and most manufactures use the standard microUSB v2.0 ports. If this will bring down prices of their phones, Better.


This last week a picture of an MTN branded condom surfaced on the internet. We can’t say if this is a Photoshop stunt or marketing gimmick. But whoever came up with this, wish you the best. Trust my people for finding humor in every situation. 😆


TECNO is set to release a 10-inch tablet running Windows 8.1, with 2 Gb RAM, 32 GB internal memory (expandable to 64 GB), 1.83 GHz Quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F Processor , and 7000 mAh battery. It will be called TECNO Winpad 10 and will be a bit pricey. Thanks to Kelvin for sending this in.

And that’s all of the news we missed in the past week. Cheers!!


Update: 21/6/2015, 11pm: MTN denied rumors associating them with making contraceptives. They released a statement on Twitter.


  1. DroiPad 8. WinPad 10. Okayyy.
    MTN debunking that wasn’t a very smart move. They should just have ignored it. Anyone who’s smart enough to use Twitter should know of the existence of digital photo editing.

  2. Glo was made popular by their BIS. I hope Xiaomi is not starting a revolution to be copied by others.

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