Back in September, GloMobile announced Glo Infinito, a package that offers subscribers call tarrifs of 25 kobo per second. Back then, the service was limited

Glo Infinito (25k per sec) now active in Lagos

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Back in September, GloMobile announced Glo Infinito, a package that offers subscribers call tarrifs of 25 kobo per second. Back then, the service was limited to specific regions of Nigeria – and Lagos was not included.

GloMobile logoHowever, after kay123, a regular here mentioned that he was billed at the Glo Infinito tariffs while in Lagos, I have been able to confirm that I am now being billed 25 kobo per second now too. I placed a 1 minute 45 second call to a contact on MTN this morning and was billed N26.75 only.

With just 25 kobo per second for all calls to any network in Nigeria without any rental or access fee. Note again: there is no daily rental or access charge.

The package also offers free midnight calls from 12midnight to 5a.m. and a bonus of between 10% and 20% for every recharge with N500 and above.

To activate Glo Infinito, dial *103*1*1#.


  1. …and d good times are finally here…glo is going to make d other netwrk’s executives start holdin emergency

  2. Any access charge?

    Is there a name for someone who has no emotional attachment to any network but is easily swayed by the cheapest prices on offer? That is me!

    Though Glo’s pricing is still behind what Etisalat has to offer, that they are trying to shift ground a little is, ehm, worth noting. I refuse to use the “commend” word.

    Yomi, do you know that on the T-mobile network in the US, for a fee of $30 (less than N5000), you get 1500 minutes of national calls. With $50 (less than N8000), you get unlimited, yes, unlimited calls. These are pre-paid lines i’m talking about.

    In comparison, for N5000, Etisalat is offering me 208 minutes! Glo would be offering 333 minutes!!!

    So you see the benchmark i’m measuring our networks with? Is it wrong for me to make these comparisons?

    I can’t help but wonder if there is a cartel in place here!

    Anyhow, sha, can you get more info on this glo offer. Not that i plan to dump Etisalat any time soon, their customer support is probably the best, you never can tell what will happen tomorrow.

  3. Forgot to mention that Etisalat N5000 comes with additional N750 worth of national calls, making it 239 minutes with a data bonus of 50MB. These will,probably, make their offer better than glo’s, though it is hinged on you spending minimum of N5000 per month.

    Come to think of it, is it really better?

  4. I wish to confirm that i’m now being billed 25k/sec in Lagos. A moment ago, i made a 1minute & 53 seconds to an MTN number. I was billed N28.25. It’s great to be on the infinito. Please Yomi, is there any new development on glo internet tariff? After the glo-1 commercial launch, i expect a substantial reduction. God bless Nigeria.

  5. Waiting patiently on glo to extend infinito to other cities, it not yet active in Oyo. Glo1…???

  6. Before the Infinito package i alway swore never to use glo again but now i hardly use my mtn to make calls thanks to glo

  7. And the moral of the story? Never swear not to use a particular network again. I cannot remember how many times that I have had to eat my words.

  8. This Won’t be a bad time to try Glo.I initially wanted to test their 3G, now I have another reason to buy a Glo sim.

  9. I seem to be getting charged way more than 25k/sec even after changing to infinito, tried calling customer service but no luck, maybe it is just me,,,, but infinito is not working for me..

  10. So I finally spoke with glo customer service this morning and the lady I spoke with said infinito is not active in Lagos, even after I told her several people that I know in Lagos are on the plan, but she vehemently insisted that that the only way to get the 25k deal is if you are on a business line and not in Lagos. Bottom she told me the best alternate package is the talk more which can be activated by dialing *100*1*2# which will make glo to glo calls 30k/sec and other networks 48k/sec.

  11. GLo customer care told me the same thing. I won’t be supprised if those guys have not been informed.

  12. Just got to the office and the first thing i did was to try out Glo Infinito on a friends phone, but sorry it still charges the normal amount.

  13. I really think the tarriff plan is selective. I later tried it on some phones numbering five, it only worked on two coincidentally both 08075xxxxxx numbers. Yh, its kinda active in Oyo state, precisely Ogbomos6 at d momdent.

  14. I must confess that the reporting on this package was misleading, i now fill like a fool, since i was telling people that it was 25k/sec and no access fee like etisalat. The smaller print must be read. its more like 30k/sec.

    First 30 Seconds 35k/sec After 30 Seconds 25k/sec source: Glo official website. i.e. Glomobile.

  15. Chris,

    The reporting on this package was absolutely correct. Glo originally said 25k per second. They silently changed it to 35k/second for the first 30 seconds of a call and 25k/second thereafter.

    Glo’s the culprit you are looking for, not the reporting on the package.

  16. Oh yes Oga yomi,I had wanted to report your above findings! I just droped my mtn sim for glo’s only for me to discover that a minute cost 18N as against 15N/m from Etisalat.
    How evr both networks are the cheapest depending on how long you use your phone.
    If you spend N200/day then etisalat just barely edges out glo by 9secs.But if one spends a 100N/day then glo edges out etisalat by 0.2secs.
    Again if you do sharp under 30sec calls etisalat beats glo hands down-every 30sec call on the glo network costs 10N 50k, on the etisalat network it costs 7N etisalat wins by 3N
    Overall I give it to the Nija network-ETISALAT

  17. am in ekiti state and glo infinito was life here but have noticed dat for the past 2 days the 25k was not applicable again more like 40k was charged,is the infinito over?

  18. Somehow, i view glo’s differential and complex pricing tariff as being somewhat dubious. Why cant they just keep it simple? For one to keep tab on credit usage, one may need basic knowledge of calculus!

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