The Nation reports that GloMobile has launched a special tariff plan for subscribers in the South-South region. According to the news report, the new package

Glo Infinito offers 25 kobo per second calls

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GloMobile logoThe Nation reports that GloMobile has launched a special tariff plan for subscribers in the South-South region. According to the news report, the new package is called Glo Infinito and “offers the best ever call rates in Nigeria. With just 25 kobo per second for all calls to any network in Nigeria without any rental or access fee.

“The package also offers free midnight calls from 12midnight to 5a.m. and a bonus of between 10% and 20% for every recharge with N500 and above.”

To activate Glo Infinito, dial *103*1*1#.

Read the full report from The Nation: Glo woos subscribers with new package.

Thanks to Kay123 for the heads-up.

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  1. @ kay123 I’m loving this, it’s game on. If MTN does not respond FAST, it will soon have more subcribers like me who just recharge once in three months to keep their lines active since it’s their primary line and can’t be changed.

  2. this is the beginning of true competition. I see the death of MTN. for these goodies coming from glo and etisalat (=N=15/1min), i wont mind sending texts messages to all my contacts that my number has now changed from MTN to Either glo or etisalat. Its worth it meeeeennnn!!! MTN is damn too insensitive when it comes to tarrif…. charging us well over =N=30/1min!! heelllll!!!!

  3. Let the party begin….The submarine cables are beginning to speak to us…..The expected telecommunication revolution is setting in finally…it’s time to get counted….

  4. I entered the codes yesterday and was told something about my location being noted. Subsequent calls were cost me much more than 25k per second. My location : Lagos.

  5. I have just placed a 45 second call and was billed N42.60 for it. That translates to 95k per second or N57 per minute.

    Glo Infinito is not a reality on my line though I have sent the specified code.

    Are we sure that this is not a regional thing? Perhaps its too soon for the rest of us to rejoice yet.

  6. Keweno,

    I’m quite aware of that. I did that for two reasons:

    1. The second news item linked to did not present the regional nature of the tariff

    2. A number of people were beginning to rejoice as if this were a blanket reduction

    My experiments should clear any doubts about the above.

  7. Calling 500 on a glo line and following the instrctions by press 1,1 and 1. There is a glo prepaid product called ”harmony tarrif” thats the only close info from glo.
    Lets all wait and hope things will change nationwide by October 1st.

  8. Just spoke with a friend in Glo, he said Lagos is not there but lets hope they add it soon.

    And he confirmed they have rolled out new data bundle plans.

    And one last thing, looks like Glo has more than we thought in stock for us.

  9. i have subscribe it. It work fine. I did it free of charge, all i have to do they ask me to press 1 and i did it and that is all. My glo always micro is ok. Connections with laptop ok and so. Thanks for glo for making life easy.

  10. Glo infinito is for guys in the Northern and South Eastern states. This is to shore up subscriber base in these states.

  11. @yomi..Can you pls gimme link to the glo always micro package..I’Ve searched the whole of mobility and could not find it..I need to check the manual settings again..I remember the apn is gloflat but cant remember the rest..Thanks

  12. Its workin fine here in ekiti state! I just migrated to the plan and made a 1:21 min call at 20.25ngn! Cool! My MTN line will have to rest for a while

  13. If all these goes as planned and MTN does nothing, my MTN sim will be resting beside my starcomms sim in the starcomms dual sim phone (i hope starcoms will allow it)

  14. The advert is there on Today’s Guardian newspapers. What you need to realize before you get into it is that there is a 20 Naira daily charge. This translates to roughly 600 Naira per month. Is it really worth it, if you factor in the service charge?. Anyone can confirm this by looking up today’s Guardian!

  15. Afewgoodmen,

    The new tariff is a news item in today’s The Punch. Again, there is no mention of its regional nature. No mention of a daily access charge either. Are you sure of this access charge?

  16. For Etisalat there is a daily charge of 20naira but u can easily opt in or out like I did over the weekend, i used it for Saturday and Sunday.

    As for Glo (for now) it is not available in Lagos and i was told there is no access charge from Glo.

    @Afewgoodmen & Yomi
    the one in today’s Guardian is for Etisalat.

  17. Omolola,

    Thanks for that tip. I sent the SMS and got this in response:

    I think that Glo left out Lagos, giving it a separate code to be revealed later to avoid network congestion. But with this out now, we can expect some level of network congestion. Anyone remember what happened the last time that glo reduced call tariffs and had to reverse it after a few days?

  18. I have noticed a trend for a while now. When these GSM companies launch a new product, some times the information dessiminated is often not complete sometimes making subcribers run in large circles trying to get information.

    The customer care representatives (if you can reach them at all ) are clueless about these things. I remember the issue with glo micro.

    Why do they have websites in the first place and why bother placing ad’s in the dailies that are ambigious?

  19. @ Yomi and others,

    What’s up with this number portability program? NCC seems to be silent on the matter.

  20. @yomi, so is it working? As in charging you N15, because there is no guarantee it will charge you N15. Maybe this is the setting for a later date but they have not activated it.

  21. Omolola, nope. Not working. I was still charged 60 kobo per second…. They sure aren’t ready for the Lagos crowd. Smart move on their part too or the network might simply collapse.

  22. It is not working here in Ondo State. But come to think of it, what criteria did they use to have sidelined the whole of South West?

  23. Extracts from one of my email news Subscriptions.

    Speaking at the media launch of the new tariff plan in Enugu, National Sales Coordinator, Glo, David Maji, says that “Glo Infinito offers the best ever call rates in Nigeria at 25 kobo per second for all calls to any network in Nigeria without any rentals. With Glo Infinito, our customers will no longer worry about the amount of money they spend on the phone”.

    Maji revealed that the new tariff plan covers only 24 states in Nigeria.

    The states include: Kebbi, Sokoto, Kano, Katsina, Zamfara, Jigawa, Kaduna, Taraba, Yobe, Borno, Adamawa, Gombe, Bauchi, Plateau, Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi Abia, Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom and Ekiti.

    According to Maji, Glo Infinito is the most attractive tariff available to subscribers in Nigeria as the rates are competitive and there are no monthly rentals or hidden charges as with similar packages offered by other operators in the telecom industry.

  24. I am in Lagos.
    In the last few days I’ve observed that call rates from my glo line to mtn and zain has droped . I just finished making a 44 secs call to a zain line and 11 naira was deducted.

  25. Kay123, that sounds like good news. I will confirm this when I make a few calls later in the day.

  26. I just placed a call to a contact on MTN. The call lasted 1 minute 45 seconds. I was billed N26.75!

    Excellent, Glo! Well done.

  27. Glo customer care said the charges have not been changed.hope this is no system error or could it be that Glo is about to start something

  28. Pls introduce a zain like browsing charge of N1000/ 100mb/ month for students instead of exchanging sim cards or browsing in through ur system without your permission freely.

  29. I stay in sagamu,i entered d code bt was told dat my location has been noted.Subsequent calls are stil charged@high tarrif! What can i do? Thank u.

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