Globacom has introduced another revolutionary phase in telecom services with the launch of what is regarded as the best value offer in the country’s telecom

Glo introduces ‘No Conditions’ tariff plan…Offers 25k per second

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Globacom has introduced another revolutionary phase in telecom services with the launch of what is regarded as the best value offer in the country’s telecom industry. The National Operator said its subscribers will now pay only 25 kobo per second for calls made to any network in Nigeria.

The company said what makes the new plan unique is that it is devoid of any rental payments, hidden charges, and conditions.

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Globacom’s Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Jameel, speaking at the launch in Lagos of New Infinito, Glo’s new “No Conditions Tariff Plan” which offers 25 kobo a second for calls to any network across the country. There are no conditions, hidden charges or rental on the plan. With him are Executive Director, Human Resources, Adewale Sangowawa, and Glo ambassador and Nollywood actress Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha.

Unlike other tariffs in the market, the 25 kobo per second charge is a flat rate which applies for all local calls irrespective of which network is being called or time of day or which part of the country the call is originating from.

The new package also allows subscribers to call one Special Number at only 2 kobo per second. Interestingly, no daily or monthly rental is charged to enjoy the very cheap rate. The subscriber, however, has an option of registering 5 Glo numbers which he can call at 18 kobo per second. Again, registration is free and there is no rental charge.

In addition to the amazing tariffs, Glo is also offering up to 20% bonus on recharges made by subscribers. N500 recharge attracts a 10% bonus credit, while N1000 recharge will give the customer 15% bonus air time. On the other hand, N5,000 recharge gives a 20% bonus credit to the customer.

Glo is also offering free night calls from 12 midnight to 5 a.m. Subscribers are expected to have used up to N200 air time in the previous week to qualify to make free night calls for the next 7 days.

Group Chief Operating Officer of Globacom, Mohamed Jameel, announced the unbelievable offers at a press conference held on Thursday in Lagos. He said the new tariff package was designed to offer subscribers real value for their money by ensuring that what they see is what they get, bereft of any hidden charges or conditions that are often the subject of fine print and thereby positioning Glo as best value provider in the market.

“We are offering a new tariff plan that gives the customer MAXIMUM VALUE. You are charged 25 kobo right from the first second to the last second. Competing tariffs either charge monthly daily rentals or charge higher for the first 60 seconds and drop the rates for subsequent seconds. When you do the calculations properly and add the rental payment or consider the charge for the first 60 seconds, you will realize such tariffs are indeed not as attractive as they are made to look.

“But with the new Glo offer, the subscriber gets a truthful and easy-to-understand payment plan. For instance, while the Glo subscriber pays N15 for first minute of call made within and outside the network, other networks charge between N24 and N30 for calls within the network and between N30 and N36 for calls going outside the network,” Jameel noted.

The Glo GCOO explained that even where other networks drop their tariff from the second minute, the rental or first minute high charge robs off any savings the customer may have made. “This can be illustrated with a 3-minute or 5-minute call on the Glo network for which the subscriber will pay N45 or N75 respectively. The same durations of call on other networks will be charged at between N60 and N104 and between N90 and N174 respectively depending on the operator. Glo therefore, offers much better value than any other network, Jameel affirmed.

He also stated that the Glo Special Number at 2k per second and the Family and Friends package – 5 numbers at 18 kobo per second — are the best such offers in the market as competing packages all have rental fees and conditions attached to the benefits.

He added that the company would carry on with its long-established tradition of leading the vanguard of innovative services and affordable tariffs in the telecommunications industry.

Jameel noted that, as a Nigerian company, Globacom was committed to giving the best to Nigerians in terms of value and pricing. “Glo will remain the catalyst for giving value in the industry,” Jameel concluded.

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