GSM operator, GloMobile has finally joined the train of pre-paid internet bundle plans. Before now, Glo pre-paid subscribers could only enjoy GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA at the rate

Glo Introduces Pre-Paid 3G Packages

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GSM operator, GloMobile has finally joined the train of pre-paid internet bundle plans. Before now, Glo pre-paid subscribers could only enjoy GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA at the rate of 15 kobo per kb.glo

Now, pre-paid subscribers have access to bundle internet packages on the Glo network.

Here are the new pre-paid packages:

All Day (24-hour) Packages

  • Always Day – N500 – 24 hours. Data cap: 50mb
  • Always Min – N5, 0000 – 24 hours for 30 days. data cap: 1gb
  • Always Max – N10, 000 – 24 hours for 30 days. Data cap: 3gb

I called customer care to source for more information on the above-listed All Day packages, but didn’t get through. For example, I wanted to know if there are any data caps on those plans.Updated, courtesy of brym!

Bundled Hour Packages

  • G100 – N6, 000 – 100 hours. 3GB data cap with validity of 1 month
  • G300 – N15, 000 – 300 hours. 3GB data cap with validity of 3 months

The Bundled Hour Packages simply limit the user to a cumulative number of hours. It does not seem that there are any data caps on these packages.Updated, courtesy of brym!

Flexi Packs

  • G Leisure – N5, 000 – 30 days, 8pm to pam everyday + all day during weekend. 3GB data cap
  • G Work – N6, 000 -30 days, 8am to 9pm. 3GB data cap

The Flexi Packs simply limit the user to a cumulative number of hours. It does not seem that there are any data caps on these packages.Updated, courtesy of brym!


To get started, simply text “activate” to 127 from your Glo line.

Brief Review

I pulled out my Glo SIM this morning, loaded N500 to test out the Always Day package. I received a set of instructions right after texting the required code and successfully subscribed within minutes.

I used it successfully on both my smartphone and on a USB modem connected to a PC. No problems either way, so you can “rule your world” whichever way you want.

I found the Glo 3G internet connection still quite stable and more responsive than MTN’s. This is an excellent move by Glo. The variety of packages is also good, though the fact that some of them cost just about the same sort of spoils the treat.

Hopefully, Glo’s new pre-paid internet bundles will take some pressure off MTN’s over-subscribed 3G network, especially seeing that Zain still limits 3G to postpaid (contract) lines.

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  1. Always Max has a 3GB cap
    Always Min has 1GB cap
    Always Day has 50MB cap

    G300 has 3GB cap with validity of 3 months
    G100 has a 3GB cap with validity of 1 month

    G work has a 3GB cap
    G leisure ha s 3GB cap

  2. I hope that they will soon introduce Glo1’s cost reducing benefits to thier data packages, i need a N500 data plan for 1 month with a 3gig cap, when will it happen?

  3. This is all crap to me. They need to do more regarding the tariff. I see no difference between what Glo is offering & those of other networks. What with all the noise they made about their Glo 1 submarine cable. They boasted that they will bring cost of internet down by about 70% of what obtains now.

    I am not jumping ship yet even though am a Glo mobile subscriber. I will keep my fingers crossed (& my legs also!) till end of the year before taking a decision on which internet provider to latch on to. Before then I am sticking to their pay-as-you-go package.

    Does anyone have a contrary view?

  4. To be honest, I am not happy with glo. One would expect that with their glo 1, data tariffs would be reduced drastically. Now see what they have done! I just want to believe that this is not the fruit of the submarine cable.

  5. Iam disapointed,they promised to reduce their tariff by september 2009.and also i thought they will have a bundle for casual users,like 100 MB @#1000 or even not impressed

  6. While I can understand some of the disappointment being expressed here, I also wish we would look at things a bit more objectively.

    for example, it is not true that there is no difference between what Glo has released and what obtains on other networks.

    The G Work package is an example. This is the first time that you can get 3GB for N6,000 on any GSM network. That is a savings of N4,000, compared with current 3GB offerings. Yes; its limited to 8am-9pm belt, but that makes it a bonus to entrepreneurs and small businesses. A 40% cost savings on internet service monthly is huge.

    Yes; Glo can probably do better than this, and I expect that they will. Let’s give them some time for them to see how these new packages will impact their network first.

  7. Please yomi help us find out whether the glo submarine cable is now active. Thank you!

  8. I have nothing to celebrate,because glo data services (gprs|Edge|3G) has not yet reached BIDA my locality.I only experience it when Iam in minna or Abuja for work. But thank GOD, all other 3 GSM networks had theirs working perfectly, especially Etisalat.

  9. I am quite disappointed with Glo. Where is the tariff crash they promised?. Ok that has been expressed above to my satisfaction.

    Seeing the Advert in the punch of Monday this week, i rushed to subscribe to the day pack. i got the codes right and N500 was deducted. I surfed via bluetooth using my laptop and was satisfied with the speed. The connection soon stopped. I discovered, to my horror, that i was billed on PAYG, and lost a lot of money!

    After much stress dialing and waiting i got customer care. The lady was clueless on the nature of my problem and how to help. She asked me to dial 500 but was told to “check your number”. I was really disappointed and angry. I don’t know if using my E63 Nokia was the problem. Should I have used a modem? (I prefer my phone as per convenience).

    I see that Yomi says he tried his PHONE and it worked. I am a bit apprehensive about losing out again. Once beaten….. is there anyone like me out there? What do you advice?

    PS: Yomi nice site, well mannered posters. Love it.

  10. That’s good especialy now that Zain’s network have become unstable, Etisalat is sapping our money with 35k/kb. What is Glo’s charges/kb on data bundles.

  11. does anybody enjoy the 3G service in Portharcourt?. I don’t get service when I switch my phone to 3G mode, though a manual search reveal a glo 3G network. I like the G Work package.

  12. I give thumbs up to glo for changing the face of gsm in Nigeria.Glo’s introduction of per second billing crashed tariff and sim price.

    However,your 3G services and price have not marked you out this.Your time limitation in one of your cheaper seeming package made nonsense of your tariff.See,you made noise about your optic fibre,you re national carrier so lead the way.You placed advantage on laptop over mobile fone y? Or re you not for mobiles yet?

  13. Can i enjoy your internet service enough on my mobile fone? If yes,how do i get on board.Let me have your package and price cataloque for posting to friends

  14. Dear Jachinma George,

    The name of this site is Mobility Nigeria, not GloMobile Nigeria. This site is not owned by Glo or run by GloMobile. Please contact GloMobile directly with your enquiries.


  15. I decided to give glo one more chance and try out their daily package just to see if glo could possibly work out as a backup connection. I (like you Yomi) also pulled out my glo sim this morning(and cleaned the dust off) and kicked off errrr well not exactly

    -first step was to text “activate” to 127 I got an instant reply (shock!!)send “ACTIVATE” to 127 for a list of options which i promptly did.

    -next got a list of options
    Please send

    1 for All Day Packs
    2 for Time Based Packs
    3 for Flexi packs

    sent 1 to 127 instant reply(more shock!!)
    Please send

    10 for Always Day
    11 for Always Min
    12 for Always Max

    sent 10 to 127 and the reply:

    “Dear Customer, sorry you do not have sufficient airtime credit to complete this transaction. Please recharge and try again”

    Before I went through that whole grammar i had loaded N600(that’s still there!! even more shock!!) is this not sufficient???

    Yomi did i miss something here? looks pretty straightforward to me.

    Has anyone else experienced this ?

  16. Karmawa,

    It looks like the Glo prepaid bundle activation system is failing. This sounds similar to archie’s experience in comment number 11 above.

  17. Hi Yomi,

    are you surprised at this?? I’m definitely not, every single time i have had cause to try Glo it always ends up in systems failure, looks like they still have a lot of work to do.

    At least I didn’t end up losing all the credit loaded like what happened with Archie.

    Time to make N600 worth of calls and put the sim back in its place to gather even more dust.


  18. brushing aside gut instincts, i tried the day package again yesterday. I lost my N500. called customer care three times last night and ladies were clueless and passed me from one person to the other. One said glo doesnt do prepaid and even asked if i was sure i was not complaining about MTN?

    may be prepaid is not active in abuja. but why advertise in the dailies? why deduct money for service not rendered? all i wanted the last time i called customer care yesterday was to get my money back. from the responses i got it looks like it wouldnt happen. has anybody tried the service in abuja?

  19. Archie,

    That’s sad. Why announce products that have not been tested? Shame, especially when this experiment of theirs iscosting subscribers their hard-earned money.

  20. may i ask if any one has any slightest idea how much is glo’s 3G modem and mr yomi what is happening to aliko dangotes 3G licenses,’abi dem don forget say they get licence?’

  21. I am based in Abuja. I tried the Glo 3G always day pack and 500 was deducted from my acccount. Every trial to connect was futile despite having a 3G signal on my Nokia E71: I had to return to my erratic Zain internet with which I am posting now. Glo have not finalised their internet yet they made so much noise. TOO BAD.

  22. Like Archie, Karmawa and Folorunso I’ve been fleeced by Glo. My Allday package ought to expire 7:18am tomorrow if Glo had done a thorough job before putting out the adverts. Any chance of getting our money back easily? I’m going to have to cry to the NCC over this.

  23. Its possible that Zain is trying to retain the integrity of their 3G network, thus limiting it to postpaid subscribers only. Whatever their reasons are, it is a very foolish move.

  24. its sad, sad, sad! i honestly kept to my glo line and endured their many missteps out of ‘patriotism’. I am wiser now. I am now in on Etisalat. Even though its Edge here and cost more, the speed is impressive. Sometimes cheap doesnt necessarily mean better. You really get your moneys worth!

  25. Looks like Glo UN-Introduces prepaid packages, all attempts to load Always Day from Saturday till just a few hours ago end up with receiving the message “Sorry, the service is down. Please try later” (i couldn’t resist trying glo till it works just to see how long it would eventually take to get on the net with one of their bundle packages lol) so the sim has not been put aside yet.

    anyone else experiencing this??

  26. thanks to glo for their pre-paid bundles but if well calculated their is no di
    fference with that of mtn. What they can still do is to cut down the tarrife to suit
    the poor masses

  27. @ Karmawa, are you in Abuja? It looks like Abuja is hard hit. Glo still advertised the prepaid service in yesterday’s punch. I thought they will pull the brakes with the problems experienced. How come there is so little information on glo prepaid service on the net, not even on their website.

  28. i decided to give the all day 50mB N500 package a try. got a new sim loaded N500, sent the appropriate sms code, got a confirmatory success reply. after about a hour, the 3G signal surfaced on my phone with full bars. excited I launched my browser immediately, guess what the response was: “packet data not available”. it was the same after several repeated try. (i have the 3G settings on my phone) what could be the problem? the customer care guys can’t figure it out either. my money don waka be that.

  29. archie,

    The Glo website is usually the least helpful if you need info about anything Glo. Terrible, I know.

    Sad to say, but you know that the Nigerian way is not to pull the brakes on a defective service, but to fumble and womble through till by a stroke of luck we get it right. Never mind the millions of naira worth of wasted airtime this is costing subscribers.

    I think its called research or something of the sort 😀

  30. Uche,

    You contacted Glo customer care to solve a technical issue? Those guys are the most ignorant of the customer care services of GSM operators in Nigeria. Let me help you with the picture:

    1. It was Glo customer care that asked me to drive all the way to Victoria Island so they could check that my Glodirect settings were correct on my Sony Ericsson P800 years back.

    Nevermind that I had assured them that the settings were okay. Nevermind that I told them that it was clear that their technical people had not activated the internet service for me on their system.

    I got there, she took a look at the settings and confirmed them 100% correct. She then walked into the technical room, and returned 10 minutes later to tell me what I had already told her and others over the phone several times when I was 15 km away – that the service had not been activated for me on their system.

    2. It was Glo custmer care that insisted that there was no way I could be able to send and/or receive fax on the Nokia 9500 communicator, though I had indeed done that several times. The 9500 had fax sending/receiving/printing built-in.

    3. Ahem. It was Glo customer care that insisted that the Sony Ericsson P990 was not a 3G phone (shock!) and that there was no way their 3G service would work on it. Several of them, including a supervisor, insisted.

    They turned the phone down. I took the phone, configured the setings and had it browsing 3G under 5 minutes.

    I have more on Glo customer care, but you do get the picture; don’t you?

    If you have a technical problem on Glo, you are better off praying and fasting. Of course, its not that customer care on other networks are significantly better.


  31. Yomi, i am just laughing as i am writing this post now. guess what. i decided to walk into a glo service centre to get some answers as regards my inability to connect on the 3G network after i having subscribed to a data plan successfully. i will give you the gist later when i get back from work.

  32. @ yomi
    your post (33) above got me laughing too.You intimidated them! It looks like we are on our own. Chei!

    Honestly, thanks for forums like this where honest Nigerians (not the freedom software or cheat chasers) can come, share ideas and, in the case of Glo, console each other! . [Two Thumbs up!!!]

  33. archie,

    Thanks for the compliments. But it isn’t funny dealing with Glo. They need serious technical training there.


  34. with prepaid broadband internet now becoming immediately available to a lot more people anywhere in the world; internet users have the better choice when it comes to high-speed internet connectivity.

  35. Counting the bits? MTN has the best value for money with their N2,500/3gig bundle as long as you can live with and can drive it down within the time band (10pm-5am).

    All you need it a good HSDPA modem that can deliver 7mbps and not the cheap ones supplied by the operators.
    I draw down the 3gigs about twice a week, so with N10,000 I get a total of 12gigs from MTN in two weeks.
    Applying this to Glo, I’ll have to pay N20,000 for the same 12gigs, ie, 100% more, but with the marginal gains in hours, 8pm – ?am.
    Well, you do the maths and pick whichever is of priority to you.

    I dream for a time when data will be cheap in Nigeria bitwise, like what obtains in other places, but the best vale for money today in Naija is MTN if you can live with the network congestion and dropped calls.
    I hope this helps.

  36. To all those complaining about the tariff, it seems quite fair to me considering the fact they are the fastest when it comes to mobile internet. I can even feel the speed of their GPRS connection. Glo-1 hasn’t been launched officially yet. I read in yesterday’s champion that they hope to launch GLO-1 fully in the first quarter of 2010.

    I’m getting my own modem and sticking to the G100 plan. AT 6,000naira for 100hrs and 3GB, it works well for me.

    @Pizzy: I’ve also ben thinking of getting MTN on the side since their bundles can be renewed without waiting for the month to end.

    @Archie: LOL. Sorry oh! At least you’ve experienced the ineptitude of naija customer service agents.

    @Yomi: This has to be the funniset thread on your blog. ROFLMAO!

    I advice every tom, dick and harry to get Glo’s 3G setting from their site and configure their phones on their own using trial and error as I did when the goats could not get my GPRS working on my Nokia 6080.

    I wonder when Aunty Dora is going to step in. She’s just dining, wining and getting fat with the big guns and doing absolutely nothing about our plight. I guess she feels she has paid her dues while @ NAFDAC and now she must ENJOY! I no go surprise if her name comes up in an embezzlement scandal in the future.

  37. Hi Gents,

    Listen to this one: the day before yesterday (28th October 2009) I got a new Glo SIM, eventually loaded it on my Nokia 5130c-2 phone after many tries with a N500 voucher, then was informed that the balance was N550.00 and typed “ACTIVATE” to 127, was promptly sent three options to choose from which I replied. I got a final menu after selecting the one day browsing option, and then everything unravelled!!!!.

    I have Nokia PC Suite on my Laptop connected by bluetooth to the phone, which I was trying to configure but the software told me “packet data not available”. I tried the native browsers on the phone and no luck either!! the next thing I found was the phone balance machine whispering to me that “your account is too low for this call”!! Disgraceful sort of thing by Glo!!

    Why do you ask Glo’s Customers who work hard to get money to load Vouchers on their phone Data SIM, only for Glo to claim the voucher value and after sending a “successfully configured” prompt, turn round to say “Oh Packet Data not available”.

    Customers will have the last word because we are the people bringing the cash flow for repaying their investment, not the funny folks in sales or customer services. Eventually we see the present telecomms monopoly of the ruling class and their friends getting blown off.

    Glo probably insists you must have the N12,000 USB modem whether its convenient or not. The modem consumes power from the USB port and over a period in a country without reliable electricity, it can be telling on battery life. I hope I am not just sounding off, but this is what I observe. Glo’s probably just using the offer to sell the modem. Imagine selling 1 million modems to 1 million subscribers at N12,000 each gives you just N12 billion only!!! No credit left, no service given!! Glo’s avarice!!! No praise for Glo!!!!

  38. Can someone please tell me where I can buy a new authentic unlocked 3.5G usb modem here in Nigeria? I need to have the option to use any network of my choice should one go down.

  39. @Ade Osanyinbi: I’ve come to notice that the “Oh Packet Data not available” comes up when your system or phone is noy properly configured to access to Glo Internet. I advice you to get the 3g settings from their website and input them manually into PC Suite or your phone then try again. Customer care folks are USELESS and would waste your time more so you need to do trial and error with the settings till the damn thing works.

    The “Oh Packet Data not available” could also be as a result of your sim not being activated to use Glo internet/gprs. In this case scenario you need to visit a gloworld center to verify if the SIM has actually been activated for internet or not.

    That’s why MTN rocks in this part. All sims come pre-activated.

    @Yomi: Do please check your comment notification system. I’ve not been receiving notifications from your blog despite been subscribed to the posts I’m monitoring.


  40. really the glo 3G plus works very well. I reside in Portharcourt and I get full bars on 3G all around the city. The problem is seamless and trouble free activation for the service. I was attracted to the G work 9am to 9pm prepaid data plan. I also needed a SIM I can use on my Thinkpad Laptop which has an in-built broadband modem, I have been using MTN.

    Out of curiosity I deciced to give the ALL DAY plan a try with the intention that if all went well I might just subscribe to my desired plan.

    I walked into a Gloworld customer centre when the service didn’t seem to work regardless of the full 3G bars on my phone. The customer rep I met was very convinced that the 3G service does not work on phone, that I need to buy the glo modem to use the prepaid plan. She said I could only do wap over GPRS on phone.

    Anyway I asked her to go thru the 3G settings I had on my phone to see if it was ok. It alright. She adviced me to “manage ” wap over GPRS or buy the modem. Full stop. Thankfully she activated my line for GPRS.

    I left the centre feeling disappointed and somewhat frustrated.

    I knew if I could get the 3G working I could use it on my laptop’s modem or on my 3G phone for that matter.

    By this time the account balance on my line was zero, so I loaded and decided to browse. whoa! The 3G service swung into action. I was browsing on 3G! but i was being billed. I called my friend who suggested I use the new access point for the created specifically for the prepaid data plan. It worked.

    I inserted the SIM into my laptop, copied the new settings and lauched my internet connection and BAM! I was on the net.

  41. The point I want to make here is that once your SIM is activated for the 3G service, thru subscribing initially to any of the data plan, you can use the SIM to browse on your 3G phone or generic modem. And if you don’t want to renew the plan, you can browse on pay as you go basis still on 3G. That’s my observation.

  42. Uche,

    I told you that Glo custumer care folks know little about these things. Their constant refrain seems to be that ‘this-or-that won’t work’.


  43. Glo should GLO and rest as far as I am concerned, till today there’s no way to load any of the internet bundles! so whats the point?

    as you said Yomi they can fumble and womble as much as they like I have definitely put their sim card aside and I can imagine there are many many more people who have done the same. pity!

    errrr Glo the only way I’m ruling my world at the moment is via Etisalat! now there’s a company that’s TALKING!

  44. Hi guys, an update on my glo problem. Went to Abuja customer center, they told me I can’t use prepaid 3g on my phone ie use my phone as a modem. In short I shelled out 12k for the modem. I also found out that it takes 3 hours to get activated once you send the codes. So nothing like a quick email when you are away from home or office. Either you wait three hours, go home/office, or switch to other networks. The connection did come on after 3 hours. Got the confirmation text but glo never compensated for the 3 hours from the 24. To make matters worse 3g signals has disappeared from my area apparently due to a fiber cut barely 24 Hours after I got the modem. So my shiny new modem is laying there till God knows when. Phew! What a week!

  45. Archie,

    3-hour activation? Is this 3-hour lag one-time or is applicable every time you renew subscription after the initial activation?

    Also, the person who said you cannot use prepaid 3G with your phone as a modem was plainly lying to get you to buy the USB modem, or is absolutely ignorant.

    I am using prepaid 3G on my phone and as a modem. Same Glodirect settings; no tweaks; just plug-and-play.

    Try it out when service returns – put that SIM in your phone and hook up with your PC.


  46. Please can anyone show mr the new access point and settings for pre-paid. I used the Glo direct setting on my iPhone, but it continues to charge my credit 15k/kb even after I was notified of successful all-day subscription at N500 and cannot browse unless if credit is zero.

  47. @ Yomi.
    The three hour activation looks like its gonna happen always. why? cos its there in the modem brochure. it doesn’t say its one off.

    I will try out using may phone as a modem. I have been using it (phone) with MTN with no problems whatsoever (except its on GPRS where i reside). Since you say you got it working i will try it when i get the signals back.

    Thanks for the support all of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And of course you too Yomi!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Glo stole my #500 and didnt allow me to open a page without deducting extra money. i tried 3g,glogwap,glomms and glosecure access points.Glo server was accurate to deliver text after 24hrs that the service had expired.

  49. Uche,

    It seems I missed something in one of your comments earlier.

    You mentioned that there’s a new access point created specifically for the prepaid data plan. This may be key to the billing problems those who activated a package have faced.

    Can you please post that access point for everyone to try out?

    My theory is that people were billed from their reqular airtime because they were using the regular APN.

  50. I stumble into this site while looking for glo 3g data tariff; fortunately for me
    ,after reading all the unpleasant experiences fellow Nigerians had with glo, i can now put my money in MTN. Hope glo will change and rule their world else we rule them out of our world.

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