Did GLO just end our 3GB for N1000 data plan?

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

That fateful day we dread so much, has it befallen us? Have GLO just terminated our beloved BIS subscription?

On Sunday,  a cousin of mine buzzed me. She’s been ťrying to renew her subscription,  and all attempts failed.

Yesterday, some users on Nairaland complained they’ve not been able  to renew their subscriptions too. It appears GLO has ended the BlackBerry Comonth data plan of N1000 for 3GB.

Earlier this morning I and a colleague tried repeatedly subscribing our glo lines with the usual 1k balance and alas……not successful until I took pains to call the Customer Care Unit who now confirmed it as N1400 from N1000 without prior notice…..

Abeg, wetin NCC and Co fit talk to this matter?

Yesterday evening my glo bis sub expired and this morning after recharging 1k as usual and sent comonth to 777 only to get a message that I do not have enough credit, yet my 1k still lies in my account. I will like to know if the code for subscribing has changed or whether the price has been increased so as to know the next step.


A quick look at the GLO subscription page shows that the BlackBerry Comonth plan now costs N1400 for 3GB. Let’s hope the plan continues working on Android MTK devices.


  1. I have actually had problems subscribing to Glo BIS like 3 times now but my case is that when I send comonth to 777, my credit would be deducted but then I will receive an error message. What I usually do to correct that was to call the customer care to explain the problem and they do resolve the issue for me. At the end I get my 3gb back, I still had that problem last week.

  2. Even if they like, they should reduce it to N100 and I still won’t subscribe to a network that has consistently refused to upgrade the reliability of their data service. I can bet my last kobo Paddy Adenuga and his siblings definitely DO NOT use Glo as their gateway to the Internet.

  3. I guess there is airtel 3gb for 1000?

    Guys can still chill with it pending the emergence of another miracle

  4. The comonth has been having issues for a while, it won’t even give any reply after sending the message. *777*21# or *777*23# did the magic then.

    You know #DollarDonCost so Glo has to adjust.

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