Glo launches 100Mbps Wi-Fi service at Lagos airport

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Globacom has launched a Wifi service at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja on Monday, May 25, 2015. The service will provide wireless internet connectivity to passengers using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops at both the domestic and the international wings of the airport.

Glo is promising speeds of up to as 100 megabits per second anywhere around the MMIA, including the Departure, Arrival, and Executive Lounges, Ticketing and Waiting Areas as well as Passengers Welcoming lobby. The hotspot is a commercial service.

Glo officials say the service will also be available in 22 airports nationwide soon.

  1. This a test good one.

    But wait o…

    Who woudl you have to be and what would you have to do, to win contracts like installing WiFi all over the airports in a country like Nigeria?

    ….when was the bidding carried out?

    There is also this allegation of former President Goodluck Jonathan “secretly” awarding the highly lucrative “digital dividend” frequency spectrum to Mike Adenuga’s Globacom and Jim Ovia’s Visafone, according to Technology Times, recently. .

    This is the sort of arbitrariness we hope the new government would check. There should be level playing fields for things like this.

    When was the bidding carried out?

  2. When I saw the title, the first thing that came to my mind: is it free?
    Now let me read the article.

  3. And they didn’t tell us how to connect to the WiFi, and you who was saying when was the bidding done, can you provide WiFi for the 22 airports in nigeria? By the time the new govt removes subsidy your type will become an economics analyst to support it, but when the former govt tried it you wanted their head on your plate. Don’t bring in politics to this blog I beg you.

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