Tariffs and telecomm products are one of those things that have always spirals downwards in Nigeria, no matter how much inflation spirals, telecoms prices keep

Glo Launches New Voice and SMS Tariff Plans

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Tariffs and telecomm products are one of those things that have always spirals downwards in Nigeria, no matter how much inflation spirals, telecoms prices keep dropping.

On the heels of MTN new tariffs, Globacom have just launched a new set of voice/SMS tariff plans, labelled; More Classic, More Prime, More Business, and More Power. Those who live in Lagos can now rejoice, as they are not currently enjoying the Glo Infinito package which was recently introduced in twenty four states. Of course, Lagos was excluded. While a few individuals resident in Lagos have reported that they are active on the plan, I tried it but I was still billed based on the old rate.

The benefits of the new Glo plans include:

  • Uniform Tariff to ALL Networks
  • NO Rentals
  • NO Condition offers, NO complications
  • Huge savings
  • No Deposit, Instant Access, Cost control
  • Offers instant connectivity and International Direct Dialing facility

We are still waiting for the changes that Barti Airtel of India (the new owners of Zain Nigeria) are going to introduce. We are also still waiting for Glo to implement the reduced internet subscription prices that they promised.

This is the time for the operators to fight and the time for subscribers to smile.

More details on Glo’s new voice/SMS plans are available on the Glo website.

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  1. This is a welcome development.
    More options for thier subscribers.
    But it doesnt look like the super rates am looking for, that can make me jump over.

  2. I consider the new glo tariffs as not being good enough. It has indeed fallen short of every reasonable expectations. Glo should further bring down the tariffs. Is glo infinito really live in Lagos? Or we’re just enjoying it by chance. Let glo announce new internet tariffs without further delay

  3. They have got to be kidding me. Just hope they don’t intend to drop the infinito package for this. They shouldn’t have bother to introduce a new plan it’s not attractive at all as the infinito plan is yet to gain traction in some places.

  4. Well, i am one of the lucky ones Glo Infinito works for -in Lagos

    I will stick to my 25k/sec, and my N1,000, 150mb data/mth. Until a better deal comes along.

    How i wish this number portability has taken off, then we will have true ‘roaming freedom’ t-o keep jumping shop to the CURRENT most customer-friendly network

  5. its funny how a few people are enjoying the glo infinito and some of us cant. I agree that the glo infinito is better. But now that we’re forming a community here, don’t you guys think a platform that will make us talk together for free 24/7 would be a welcome idea? Imagine the posibility of being able to hold a conference call and a seminar through phone. What’d you guys think?

  6. This new bundle doesnt look friendly at all, Even if i cant enjoy glo infinito here. guess ill rather stick to my old plan…
    @ yemi – have you heard anything on the huawei ideos?

  7. Hi
    Can any.one help, just got a new glo sim, but seems i need to activate it before use. Is there any code, have tried calling customer care but could not get thru

  8. What a cheat, we don’t have glo infinitum in osun state. Glo should further crash the internet tariff to encourage more pple.

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