Mister Mo tells the story of how after he obtained a new Glo SIM card for 4G LTE use, he now experiences more stable 4G

My new Glo line holds a 4G signal better in my Lumia 950

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Mister Mo tells the story of how after he obtained a new Glo SIM card for 4G LTE use, he now experiences more stable 4G signal on his Lumia 950.

Globacom’s 4G LTE service is our go-to network for wireless broadband internet here at MobilityArena. Being able to share one line’s subscription across several SIM cards is an added bonus. It means that team members can use a single internet subscription regardless of where they are. Of course, should anyone stray outside of Glo 4G network, they have to make do with the often less reliable Glo 3G service.

Anyway, our team agreed that Glo 4G is our default. I walked into a Glo Care outlet recently to get a 4G SIM card for my personal use for the shared data arrangement. In there, I mentioned that I wanted a 4G SIM card and asked if they had in stock. You see, before now, some Glo SIM cards were 4G-enabled, while some others were not.

A representative beamed at me as she responded with, “All our SIM cards are now 4G-enabled”. Aha. Apparently, Glo has exhausted the old stock of 3G SIM cards and had replaced them with a new set that were 4G LTE ready. I picked my new SIM card up and was out of there in a few minutes.

But that isn’t all there is to this, as you may have deduced from the title of the article. Glo’s 4G LTE band is a rare one. Band 28(700). Not a lot of 4G phones support it. My Lumia 950 does though. But there is a snag. The Lumia’s network mode menu does not let the user peg the phone to 4G only. This means that under normal circumstances, it switches between 2G, 3G and 4G, depending on network strength wherever I happen to be per time. This has been my experience with it.

A network that switches from broadband to narrowband as it pleases is a bad idea if you have serious work to do, so you can imagine that the ability to peg network mode is a big deal for me. As such, I wasn’t looking forward to using the Lumia 950 much for 4G service. Perhaps, I would have to buy a compatible mifi, I thought to myself.

But this time, it has been different. Since I put in this new Glo 4G SIM card, the Lumia 950 has stayed locked on to 4G network both at home and at the office. This has gone on for days now. The only time that the Lumia switched to 2G and 3G was one time at the office when Glo 4G disappeared completely. Everyone in the office that had a Glo 4G SIM card observed that they lost 4G service too. As soon as Glo 4G network came returned, the Lumia promptly switched to 4G LTE mode and has stayed there till now.

Glo 4G SIM cards - Lumia

What Is Responsible For The Improved Glo 4G Signal?

Perhaps the new Glo SIM cards are better optimised for 4G LTE service or perhaps Glo’s 4G network itself has been better optimised or now has wider coverage, or perhaps it is the Lumia that got optimised. I recall that the Lumia received two software updates in the last few weeks. What if part of the optimisations that the update added is greater 4G stability?

Or perhaps it isn’t just one of the above possibilities. Maybe it is a combination of two or more of the above. Or all of the above. I am unable to tell at this time, and honestly, I do not have the energy or the time to conduct experiments. I am just glad that I have broadband internet that works. I have gotten up to 41 Mbps download speeds and up to 10 Mbps upload speeds. Not the best but far from the measly 5 Mbps that many people are stuck with.

What has been your experience with Glo 4G LTE? Has it gotten any more stable at your end? What smartphone or mifi device do you use with it? How fast is it compared to other 4G networks around? Share your 4G stories, fellow mobilistas.


  1. I stay in ile-ife I noticed the ping has went down to 20s instead of the usual 220somethings.

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