Why Glo may re-launch their 2011 ghost LTE network in 2016

Back in January 2011, Glo announced that they had launched the first LTE network in Nigeria. It didn’t take too long after the supposed launch for everyone who rejoiced at the news to realise that they had been scammed. Till date, Glo does not have a functional LTE network.


Recent news in the industry is that Globacom recently acquired the 700 MHz spectrum from the Nigerian Communications Commission, giving it the capability to provide the LTE service they claimed to have launched five years ago.

The grapevine says that Glo’s acquisition is the catalyst behind MTN’s move on Visafone to acquire the same 700 MHz spectrum so as to give Glo a good run in the broadband turf. If possible, MTN wants to launch LTE services ahead of Glo.

MTN and Glo are the two latest networks in the country. As such, if all these feelers are true, Nigerian mobile subscribers can expect an LTE jamboree this year. Unfortunately, neither has provided reliable internet service whether via GPRS, EDGE, or HSDPA. There may not be much to desire from them whenever they do launch 4G LTE services.

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