Glo mobile internet blackout and fibre optics cuts

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I was largely unavailable yesterday because I had to go see the dentist and have what’s left of my ageing dentition pulled out. However, I did notice that the few times that I tried to get a connection on Glo, I met with failure.

This morning (yes; I’m a bit better), the problem has persisted. I am unable to do anything on Glo’s internet service.

I am told that there has been a cut on the Main One fibre optics cable, which is what’s behind this. Can this be confirmed?

Let’s hope the cut can be taken care of in the shortest possible period.

Cable cuts everywhere!
But can we ask, Who keeps cutting these cables? Almost everytime that mobile internet services are down, we hear stories of cable cuts. These things are not only expensive, but provide vital services to millions of Nigerians.

What can be done to reduce the occurrences of these fibre optics cuts?

  1. I sincerely hope it’s not a form of sabotage to create an unhealthy competition…

  2. My opinion is this: will glomobile compensate its subscribers because of this disruption(s)? Same applies to all the other networks.
    *just thinking*

  3. This form of vandalism is occurring more than not. Its high time government comes to their aid in securing those infrastructure. For one Glomobile is our national carrier.

  4. Its a normal thing apparently, excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “Cables can be broken by fishing trawlers, anchors, earthquakes, turbidity currents and even shark bites.Based on surveying breaks in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it was found that between 1959 and 1996, fewer than 9% were due to natural events. In response to this threat to the communications network, the practice of cable burial has developed. The average incidence of cable faults was 3.7 per 1,000 km per year from 1959 to 1979. That rate was reduced to 0.44 faults per 1,000 km per year after 1985, due to widespread burial of cable starting in 1980. Still, cable breaks are by no means a thing of the past, with more than 50 repairs a year in the Atlantic alone, and significant breaks in 2006, 2008 and 2009.”

  5. Got a text from Glo extending my data internet
    service validity by 6 days.

    That is quite decent of them..

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