We Nigerians are used to epileptic and poor network services; we complain and still go back to being abused by these telecom companies. Taking

Glo Network and Glo Bounce Palava

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Glo Bounce

We Nigerians are used to epileptic and poor network services; we complain and still go back to being abused by these telecom companies. Taking Glo for instance, my Oga at the top Mister Mo once complained about the poor services he got from Glo and decided to port to Etisalat. For those of us that have refused to port, What is still keeping us glued to Glo? The answer is simple: Glo Bounce. On this plan, you get 30mb of data on every recharge of N200 with a validity of 7days, you can also accumulate the data which is a good idea. Sadly, the browsing speed is throttled, the connection is slow and lags a lot most times. The funny thing I learnt on this Glo Bounce data is that, on a Symbian phone, the speed is OK. But on an Android or WP, the speed is very very poor. The most provoking thing Glo has done of recent is to reduce the validity of the data from 7 days to 2days. The 30mb becomes practically useless. It’s difficult to browse with it and finish it, now secondly, you don’t even have enough time to use it. All the accumulated megabytes disappears after the expiry date. All these changes were made without prior notice, God dey sha!! . We would make noise, complain and still shut up. I’m still sticking to Bounce plan for some reasons:

1.)The call rates they offer is extremely cheap for calling both Glo lines and other networks, and,

2.) Glo network is stable in my location.

While you are on the Glo Bounce plan, to check your data (and other bonus) balance, dial #122#, also to check your data balance on a single dial, use this code, #124*1#. Now over to you guys. Do you use Glo? Are you on the Bounce plan? What has your experience been like? Feel free to share.


  1. I use glo though I’m not on the bounce plan. Reason: the BlackBerry plan is dirt cheap (for now) and the network is reasonable in most places around me.

  2. well was on d glo bounce n was hounded by d aforementioned trash, so I first dumped d sim n got my an mtn. but jes recently ported to etisalat, still tryna know d tariff n data bundle most profitable tho

  3. The 7 days validity period for the 30mb has been revised
    But the inability to use the mb freely is annoying,.
    This the best package as far am concern..
    The 30mb worth 300naira and you still have 200naira to make calls at cheaper rate.

  4. I still consider the Glo Bounce as the best voice plan out there and still using it. Before the revision of the data validity period, I was recharging at average of 5 to 6 days basically for the data but now that the validity period has been dropped to just 2 days, I cannot continue to recharge for the sake of data but rather for the need of the voice call which means less often than before.

    It was really helpful while the validity was still 7 days.

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