Subscribers had a field day with a Glo Nigeria user review on Facebook, dishing out poor one-star ratings and comments. But is Glo really that

Glo Nigeria User Review: Is Glo internet as bad as they say?

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Subscribers had a field day with a Glo Nigeria user review on Facebook, dishing out poor one-star ratings and comments. But is Glo really that bad?

You know that saying about village people following someone till they use their own hands to create a mess. Glo Nigeria, who has tagged itself the “Grandmasters of data”set up a user rating on Facebook and threw it open. Subscribers had a field day and deluged the page with poor one-star ratings and comments that appear to come from a deep place of dissatisfaction.

Here are a few of them lifted directly from Glo’s Facebook page and published here unedited:

Are Glo Celebrities Really Using MTN Lines?

My only regret is not being able to rate Glo zero star. You don’t even deserve the one-star rating you guys are getting. Yeye network. And by the way, I’m pretty sure the celebrities you pay are using MTN as their primary lines.

Is Glo The Worst Network?

The worse network so far. It was one of my preferable network until they started offering very poor services. I ditch their Sim card for MTN and Airtel which am using now. Until sense fall on glo, I will never use them again.

User Learnt How To Multitask, Thanks To Glo

I learnt a lot from Glo, like how to endure, how multi-tasking is a great idea..
I can now load Gmail, leave the system and go warm the stew, brush my teeth, make hot coffee and still come back to see the tab loading… I love Glo, that’s why am rating you 1 star…

Here are screenshots of two of the above comments:
Glo Nigeria User review

Totally unaware of this ongoing user review on Facebook, I was having a discussion with a contact about different mobile networks in the country. When the discussion got to Glo internet, here was his response: “Glo not for me. I cherish my remaining black hair strands.”

Our Own Experience With Glo Internet

In my recent article, Glo 3G sucks, but Glo 4G internet has been a lifesaver, I shared my own personal experience with Glo internet. In that article, I stated how Glo’s 3G internet has been horrible at my end everywhere myself and the MobilityArena crew went. The whole experience with Glo 2G and 3G internet has been horrible for us as well. But I also stated that the network’s 4G service has been the lifesaver for us, as it is a better experience than 3G and 2G by far.

Were Users Too Harsh In The Glo Nigeria User Review?

Glo offers the cheapest data plans in the country and so is very attractive, cost-wise, for many. But for the most part, Glo internet is bad and very frustrating for many subscribers. It is only on the 4G network that the operator has any redemption – and even that is not blanket.

As at the time of this article, 576 users have given the network a one-star rating and 361 users given a five-star rating from 361 users, so it hasn’t been all horrible feedback. In all, Glo has aggregated a total score of 2.6 of stars from 1,200 reviews, which is really poor.

Glo user review ratings

Is Glo internet really that bad or were users just taking advantage of the opportunity to vent? We shall leave that to you: let us have your opinion.

We do think that Glo can either use this opportunity to improve service quality or further reinforce the impression that many subscribers already have that the company does not listen to their complaints about it.

Want To Review Glo?

I haven’t submitted a review yet personally, but if you are interested in doing so, click HERE to go to Glo World’s reviews page on Facebook.

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  1. I would have loved to see the link so I can run over to vote then have my entire family and extended family rate Glo the 1* they don’t even deserve..

  2. Hi Kene, I have now added the link at the bottom of the article. I actually thought I embedded it earlier. But sleep would not be denied….zzzzzz

    Thanks for interacting here!

  3. I’m still scared to buy a glo sim card right from the last time I lost my glo sim some years ago. They is always one issue or the other with their network. They need to fix it!!

  4. I advice every Glo users to move to Glo 4G LTE network, its super fast and reliable. The 3G network is so poor and frustrating, I almost throw away my Glo sim then, but ever since I moved to the 4G network, it has been a great experience so far

  5. The network of glo is very worst in Kano… That’s why I will personally recommend u that don’t buy glo for any condition….

  6. Pls firstly, i must say that you guys are good at keeping customers with attractive data plan. Please, we still need to work on the network for better life. Now the reason i had to comment is this, please you guys should try and make your recharge card difficult to copy asin, just make the paper unique that it cannot be copied, cause it has come to my notice now that people now do fake recharge card and sell, my friend was a victim of this same issue, like wise me. Please and please, I can’t keep wasting money and i cant recharge pls look into this matter ASAP

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