Glo has reduced the rates for Blackberry Service by 42%. Monthly BlackBerry SUbscription Plan is now N2,800 while Weekly Subscription Plan is now N900 and

Glo reduces Blackberry Service rates by 42%

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bold2bbGlo has reduced the rates for Blackberry Service by 42%. Monthly BlackBerry SUbscription Plan is now N2,800 while Weekly Subscription Plan is now N900 and the Daily Subscriotion Plan is N300. To activate the Monthly Package, text “bismonth” to 777. To activate the Weekly Package, Text “bisweek” to 777. To activate the Daily Package, text “bisday” to 777.

Self Help Instructions:

* Text ‘BIS’ to 777 on how to activate a BIS package
* Text ‘BES’ to 777 on how to activate a BES package
* Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
* Text ‘POINTS’ to 777 to know more about Glo Blackberry Points Program
* Text ‘POINTS’ to 1111 to track your points
* Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 (Glo Subscribers Only) for more information
* Text ‘BBB’ to 0807 987 7777 (Other Network Subscribers) for more information

More details on the Glo BB Prepaid webpage.

Hat tip to Keweno Isibor for the heads-up.

  1. Not a bad time to pick up a BB afterall.

    I will be surprised if MTN goes back to 5k after Jan 2011.

    People say Airtel now offers 3K too but i don’t think that is official cos what is on their site is still 4750.

    Cant wait for Etisalat to react. May be Etisalat will come up with 2500 naira.

  2. @deola well it’s not too late except you subscribed for a year. Maybe etisalat might be #2,500.00 who knows …

    BES= Blackberry Enterprise Service
    google can help out

  3. @bosun

    zain sorry airtel is 3k, i confirmed that on their twitter feed @airtel_ng

    Etisalat surely has to be #2’500 else they should forget about getting new BB subscribers.

  4. @keweno

    Etisalat is N3000. I called their customer care. I would have changed to the network but sending the service message thing started playing up again and no way to correct it this time. The Host Router Table thing didn’t help either. So, I had no choice but to come back to MTN for now till next renewal time.

  5. @deola

    “The Host Router Table thing didn ’t help either”

    Please can you throw more light on this?

    Etisalat BIS 3k? Not good enough to attract those sitting on the fence.

  6. @keweno

    After expiration of MTN BIS, all the internet functions of my BB vanished with few exceptions. I now inserted the etisalat sim and powered on. After booting, it was not possible to send the *399*1# message. The phone kept interpreting it as outgoing number. Tweeking the mobile network in Options did not help. Now I went to the Host Router Table and there was nothing seen. Nonetheless, I still clicked Register Now and nothing happened even after restarting the phone. So, back to MTN sim card and text sent for BIS with response within seconds.

  7. @deoladoctor

    if you have a blackberry that is cdma/gsm like the tour without a bb service, you might not be able to use the ussd feature like trying to recharge. To solve the issue, on your bb go to option, mobile network – turn data off then save. with that you will be able to recharge or send the code then once you are done just turn the data on then reboot.

  8. Etisalat 3000naira can not make anybody run to them, well unless MTN goes back to 5000.

    And the three networks have their BB subscribers to share.

    “Browsing on Chrome from 15-19 December for Charity”

  9. @quam

    Yes I know about what you said. It worked well for me with MTN sim card before I got on BIS. But it didn’t work with etisalat. Don’t know why.

  10. @Bosun99uk – Are you certain bout that 5 or 6GB data cap for Glo BIS? If you are, then damnit, I gotta get a BB ASAP to satisfy my excessive downloading. For just 2800 per month?? Pls pls pls confirm…

  11. @Spacyzuma

    Before you rush to buy that BB be sure you’ll be able to tether it with your PC. Unless you want to use the 8Gb downloading on your phone. Most of us can’t use our BB as modem. Its not because BB can’t do it but because our networks don’t allow it. I heard someone say Airtel BIS can tether. You need to confirm this.

  12. Actually, the networks allow it, but –

    you will be billed outside of your BIS subscription e.g. pay-as-you-use
    the connection setup has to be done manually, and that is trouble for most people

    I set up tethering on Glo for someone who uses a BB recently. It burned her pockets though, and she has stopped using it that way now.

  13. @Yomi

    Yeah! That’s what am saying. Network doesn’t allow you to use BIS to tether. But I heard it could be done on Zain (Airtel). Verification needed.

    I once had a funlink bundle plan on my MTN sim with 60Mb data to use. When I got BIS, it became impossible to use the 60Mb. Even when I removed my sim from BB and used it to tether and browse in another phone, I was charged pay as u surf. My bundle couldn’t be used anymore till it got expired.

    I believe the networks could grant this function if they want but they just wouldn’t. Pity

  14. @Spacyzuma
    I have told a friend of mine in Glo to re-confirm for me, i will give you feedback once i get the re-confirmation. But the guy that told me said he his very sure.

    Airtel will allow you to tether with your BIS, and I am sure that is why their data limit for BB is 1GB (posted on their site).

  15. bosun99uk,

    The information on the Airtel Nigeria website looks so untrustworthy. Lots of things are not up-to-date, especially on the BB information page. I find it very difficult to trust lots of things published there. Just look at the handsets listed there and the tariffs.

  16. @Yomi, I took up that issue with them on their twitter feed, they responded by saying they were aware and the site is currently being ‘updated’.

  17. Should we say that Airtel BIS is the best for now considering the combination of the N3000 for BIS & 12k for calls?

    GLO BIS is N2800 And cAlls 25K

  18. @Keweno Isibor
    Good you took it up with them, happy to know that they are working on their site.

    For calls yes, but for BIS no way, not with the 1GB data limit.

  19. @jujukemist
    “whats the advantage over normal phone browsing”
    The advantage in this context is that you cant get 6GB for 2800naira anywhere else in Nigeria.
    I still will do a final confirmation from Glo insider tomorrow.

  20. @Spacyzuma
    we might need someone that uses Glo BIS heavily to also confirm, because Glo customer care said it is 1.5GB but the guy who told me uses glo for his bb and he said from his findings he uses up to around 5GB

  21. Guys the Prepaid blackberry is not unlimited ooo….. I got d BIS an when I texted STATUS to 777 it said, I have 1355.0MB left… I think the limit is 1.5GB on glo. Pls beware

  22. Does anyone know Glo configuraton settings? An app like 2go needs you to input an APN, username and password in your TCP/IP on the blackberry.

    I already tried Gloflat but it didn’t work. Any help with configuration please?

    Also, how do I become a ‘registered blackberry subscriber’ on glo? When I call the bb help line they tell me ”its only for registrered bb subscribers” despite the fact I have BIS activated.

  23. If it’s possible to tether with a BB via BIS then i see myself gettin one ASAP can anybody confirm if it’s possible

  24. I have a glo sim which i use mainly for browsing with Always Micro and Always Max on my Samsung Wave. If i decide to subscribe to glo’s BIS, can i use it on the samsung wave or nokia N8? How do i go about it?I dont wanna own a blackberry.

  25. @spacyzuma
    I dont think you can use Glo BIS like that but I know you can use it with some old Nokia E series phones. Nokia E61i is one of them and i plan trying it soon to see if it still works. i will also confirm if one can share it to PC if it works with the Nokia E61i.

    What is the cost and data limit for Glo Always Mini.

  26. martinkem, Forget about tethering via Glo BIS. It won’t work. However, I sent an enquiry to Glo customer care as follows:

    I currently have a Glo Always Min bundle active on my line. I want to subscribe to Prepaid BIS. Will my Always Min plan stay active if I activate BIS?

    If it won’t, any compensation for the funds expended on Always Min?

    Glo’s response:

    These services are actually different and will not affect each other in any way sir. However you may need to send your phone number so we can look up your line and advice you further.

    So apparently, you can subscribe to Glo BIS and also simultaneously subscribe to a bundle plan and use the latter for tethering.

    Spacyzuma, BIS is no longer supported on modern Nokia devices (and most other platforms as well).

  27. All these service providers and their gimmicks! For now,mtn seem trusted in terms of providing unlimited bandwidth access (have used it for a year nw). Glo is 100mb for weekly package and 1.5gb for monthly. Annoying thing is,on glo website all packages are given as unlimited but their customer care confirms otherwise. I call that a scam. Mtn is ok but,u’d enjoy if ur bb runs on 3g cos their edge sucks; only works well at certain locations. I’m trying to sweitch to zain. Called their customer care and was told,daily package runs for 100mb, weekly is 300mb and monthly is unlimited. Dnt knw how true this is.

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