Glo Roaming Unlimited Bundle brings greater convenience to Nigerians

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Phone calls and mobile internet while roaming is traditionally a nightmare for mobile users. Users pay insane rates to make and receive calls, as well as to use mobile internet. Glo Nigeria has launched a new package for prepaid travellers. The new package lets travellers pay a fixed amount for bundled incoming calls and outgoing sms, as well as a lower data roaming rate. Here are the details:

– N2,500 fee
– 60 minutes of free incoming calls
– 60 minutes of outgoing calls at N100/minute
– 15 free SMS
– internet browsing at 15 kobo per kB
– a validity of 15 days
– auto-renewal on expiry, deducting the subscription fee and extending the validity by another 15 days
– unused benefits carried over during auto-renewal

Glo says that the new roaming plan is currently available in 27 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherland, South Africa, UAE, Sweden, India, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil and Cameroon.

If you are travelling to one of the supported countries and wish to activate the plan, make sure you have up to N2,500 on your line, then dial *0905#.


  1. Hmmmnn….Glo at it again.At least this is good compared to other networks.

  2. If you travel outside Nigeria a lot you wouldn’t say bull. Any way you are entitled to your opinion. I have actually tried the package several times this year and it’s really effective in terms of reducing cost. Far better than what obtains on other networks.

  3. With the worst Internet reliability in Naija,this is definitely a joke of the year contender..

  4. well, u that travels outside a lot, pls on ur next trip if u see Glo help us tell them that charity begins at home… and they should repair their shitty network. kapish?

  5. If we travel outside then the roaming is expensive.We can’t call to anyone and not use internet on android device.This new package for prepaid travelers is awesome.This is very helpful to me .
    Thanks for providing such wonderful information to me..

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