In Nigeria, Glo takes the lead in data subscribers – Q1 2016 reports

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Reports for the first quarter of 2016 have arrived from NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission), and it carries some interesting information. The major highlight being that Globacom garnered the highest number of data subscribers. 

According to the report, in the first three months of 2016, Globacom recorded 1,448,354 new internet subscribers on its network. Specifically the numbers are 354,178 for January, 248,593 for February and 845,583 for March. Globacom’s total internet customers as at the end of the quarter stood at 26,530,420. The figure 1,448,354 for the three months under review represents 80% of the total number of 1,820,651.

In the same period, Airtel recorded 319,229 new data subscribers, Etisalat got 53,068 – a combined 20% of the remaining total figure. MTN in the same period lost over 6.5 million internet subscribers reducing from 39,924,737 to 33,356,595.

You can see the full report HERE.


  1. I’m back on MTN for data now o, i can’t bear GLO’s snail speed anymore, i was only patronizing them because they were the cheapest, but they aren’t anymore.

  2. @okwuanga They’re still the cheapest. I use it and snail speed in comparison with MTN might not be an apt description. I’m in the process of porting back to MTN from Etisalat (2nd line) not because I intend to solely use their data but to serve as backup to my GLO and in anticipation for LTE launch.

  3. Initially when I saw this news about MTN and Glo going round I naurrally assumed it was another rumor. You have distinguished your self by dropping the actual NCC article url that talks about it. I like and appreciate you for that thumbs up

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