Glo to reduce Data and Voice Tariffs?

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gloAccording to a news report filed by the Daily Trust on the 30th of June, Globacom announced through its Group Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mohamed Jameel that they would be crashing the prices of internet connectivity come September.

In the same breath, he also said they would be reducing call rates “with or without the consent of other operators in the country”. This is supposedly being made possible by the completion of Globacom’s fibre optic network across the country.

If this happens, I am sure that it would be welcomed with open arms by the public. One can only hope that quality of service will not be compromised.

I am quite skeptical about the claims to crash internet connectivity tariffs, as no mention was made of the medium by which it would be delivered. What is the point of introducing cheap rates when you have to pay a huge sum, say about N25 – 30, 000 (I’m just guessing here) to buy equipment and sign up?

Unless Glo have changed their ways, the GSM operator might also introduce some stringent measures before one can sign up. If they are going to reduce voice rates without the consent of the other networks, does this mean they will be subsidizing interconnectivity rates and will the NCC grant them the go-ahead? More questions than answers!

All in all, we (eagerly?) await the roll out.

The report is available here.


  1. Bayo, I suspect that the proposed crashing of tariffs (data-wise especially) is tied to the coming on stream of the Glo submarine cable. Makes sense that way.

  2. Yomi, ur guess is as good as mine.this will surely spur up more competition among d operators. So how about publishing a detailed report on d Submarine cable i.e. its capabilities,speed etc.

  3. Azeez, a profile of Glo’s submarine cable really does not fall directly under ‘mobility’. But if I run into any useful info, I’ll be sure to share.

  4. Glo has being the forerunner in slashing call rates and introducing packages that has hep the nigerian telecom industry. Remember introduced per second billing when MTN was telling us it was impossible. Glo pushed MTN to go and get 3G network by telling us they were coming up with 2.5G. Glo was the first to sell SIMs at no price to customer, remember N1999 and get credit of N1998. Ya, I believe Glo, they can do it if they say it. Cheers.

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