GLO unveils a new data plan to replace the just ended Comonth plan

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GLO is at it again. Some weeks ago, the company discontinued our very popular BIS plan (Comonth) that offered 3 GB of data for N1,000. Everyone (including me) was surprised at the move – maybe they just wanted to make more cash from it.


As some sort of compensation, GLO has launched another BIS plan, same N,1000 but for 2 GB. To subscribe, simply dial *777*25#.

After getting used to 3 GB (or more) monthly, it would be disconcerting for people to fall back to using 2 GB. Unless you were the kind that never finished your subscription before expiry. From calculations, it’s still a better deal to pay N1,400 and get 3 GB.

The number of GLO internet subscribers have risen considerably in recent months, let’s hope they don’t falter and lose them all.


  1. That nonsense network too dey make Shakara dey increase rates. Hmmmmmmm…mscheeeeeew!

  2. Chibex, even the 3G was not sufficient! I remember blowing 2sets of 3G data plan within a month! Data Sub for Naija too cost jare.

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