How Globacom’s Twin Bash promo is retrogressive

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Glo Nigeria is running an end-of-year promo called Twin Bash in which subscribers get double data and airtime when they recharge and subscribe to a data plan. Glo says the promo offers subscribers data, credit to call other network and also credit to call family and friends on a single recharge.


How Glo Twin Bash Works
Buy a Glo recharge card of N200. Load it using the USSD code *223*pin#. You will be given 200MB of data, N200 to call any network and N200 to call your family and friends numbers valid for 4 days.

Buy a Glo Recharge Card of N1,000. Load it using the USSD code *223*pin#. You will be given 1000MB of data, N1,000 to call any network and N1,000 to call your family and friends numbers valid for 10 days.

The Problem
Note that by making this promo available only through loading of recharge cards via a special code, Glo has locked out legions of subscribers who recharge their phones electronically. For you to participate in this promo, you have to go get actual recharge cards or have the PINs sent to you. If your line is electronically loaded, nothing for you.

Imagine that you would love to subscribe to this, but run out of data at night or you are unable to step out to get a recharge card, you miss out if you do virtual top-up. This is just insane in a time and age in which everyone is embracing convenience. Still, if you can do the recharge card hustle, it is a good offer.


  1. So after the 4days validity, is it all the credits and mb that will be wiped off? Including the credit to call all network?

  2. @FemBlaze, under disclosure is a stock in trade for our networks. You would know by allowing a trial to confuse you!

    @Mr Mo, stop nitpicking.

    The big boys who can’t afford to be offline for a second don’t do prepaid. They do postpaid That way, the issue you have raided would not happen. Electronic recharge traditionally has some disadvantages over the physical card recharge. Convenience almost always has a price.

    Guys who do “trickle recharge” will wait to recharge physically to partake of the GLO largesse.. No doubt

  3. Well,at all,at all na im bad pass,can’t go looking a gift horse in the mouth,can always buy a bundle of recharge cards at your convenience and recharge at your leisure..

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