GloMobile has bumped their Always Max mobile internet package, dropping the price and increasing data allowance. The new price for the package is N7,500 per

GloMobile Bumps Always Max Package

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GloMobile has bumped their Always Max mobile internet package, dropping the price and increasing data allowance.

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The new price for the package is N7,500 per month and data allowance is now 6GB within the 30 day validity period. All other packages remain unchanged as at the time of publishing this.

Thanks to smanuel for the tip-off on the forums where he has a thread running on this subject.

Weeks back, MTN had implemented adjustments in their mobile internet plans, and now offer 5GB data for N8,000 on their All-Day 30-Day Plan.


  1. oohhh…. which kind thing be this now???… can you imagine I have just reactivated my glo G100 plan for 6k which gives 3gig/100hours for a month. I would have preferred to subscribe for the always Max with an extra 1,500. will glo if I can be upgraded I beg.

  2. Good move. Glo is really showing their customer-friendliness. Kudos!

    However, I want to believe the majority of access to the internet in Nigeria is via their mobile phones.

    If this conjecture is on the ball, i would expect that tweaks to the bundles should be where the critical mass is. Well let us keep our toes crossed

    Keep the fire burning, Glo! Keep the Y’Hello boys in ANGUISH!

  3. MTN
    All-Day 30-Day Plan Data Cap: 5GB
    Cost: N8,000

    Compare with this one.

    Winner …..GLO !!!

    All other factors held constant, Glo is likely to keep winning converts..

  4. I cant help but laugh…Now mtn coud reduce theirs to 6k and glo does same again and both continue on and on and on till its totally free lol!
    Nice development! I m loving this!

  5. Its still too expensive. Glo should also beef up always min,not every one can pay N7500 and not every one lives within 3g area.

  6. Is this the dividend of Glo-1? I’m of the opinion that Glo is using this to gauge subscribers’ response. The always micro data plan and others should be made to give more values to subscribers.

  7. Good move from Glo. However, I would have loved to see some price reductions on other plans. For example, N4,000 for 2GB on Always Min wouldn’t be bad.

  8. Mark,

    I doubt that in India GSM operators have to spend so much on power supply, lay their own fibre cables, etc. Those costs add up. That’s why really Nigeria has a very long way to go.

  9. I wonder what people think, It would be perfect for glo always min to be pegged at 3gb for 5k.

  10. its a good development…but they can still do better.. and up their 3g coverage area.. i was in my cousins place around ojodu, wow what a speed i got from that location i later find out that their is 3g coverage!

  11. The reduced prices is a welcome development which is being brought about by competition and NOT customer friendliness because that is not one of their attributes.

    Let’s not get distracted by the pricing and the seemingly large data allocation, how reliable are their services? Can anyone confirm this? Or are their services best suited for mobile devices?

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