Three (3) days ago, I received the following mail from a subscriber to GloMobile’s “High-speed Internet” Day Pack (9am to 9pm with 2GB monthly data):

GloMobile Data Billing: What’s Amiss?

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Three (3) days ago, I received the following mail from a subscriber to GloMobile’s “High-speed Internet” Day Pack (9am to 9pm with 2GB monthly data):


I’m having a problem with Glo. I think they’re seriously overbilling me.

Last week my line was blocked and when I called them they said I had exceeded my limit and had to reload about N6,000 (that’s the amount for daytime). I reloaded N6,300 that same Thursday and the line was restored.

Yesterday the line was blocked again and I called and they told me it was because I had exceeded my limit by about N4,000. So I loaded N5,000 yesterday night.

This morning, the line came back on and when I called them to find out how much I had on the line, they told me I had cleared the previous bill and had about N900 excess to browse with.

So, I decided to wait till the 15th before loading the monthly rental fee. But of course, to “manage” the N900 on the line till maybe tomorrow. After browsing for about 2 hours I popped the SIM in again and called them and they said I had about N600 plus on my line. I browsed some more and downloaded something of about 6.2mb, then I disconnected and shut down.

This evening I tried to browse but the line had been blocked again. When I called, they said I had exceeded my limit again by about N3,500!

I suspect foul play. Their usage tracker doesnt work – its been showing me the same thing since beginning of february (the amount of kilobytes I sent you one time to confirm).

What can I do about it? I’m already thinking of ditching it altogether.

Note that the writer’s 6.2mb (at 5kobo per kb) would translate to N310.00 only if Glo’s billing system was functioning properly. But from a credit balance of N600, this subscriber ended up with a debit of N3,500! Just great. And isn’t it just so convenient that GloMobile’s online usage tracker doesn’t function either.

gloIncidentally, this is right along the line of my own experiences with Glo’s HSI service. I had signed up as a Day Pack user. In January, GloMobile sent me a bill of over N20,000. Giving the benefit of doubt, I cleared this and then switched over to the 24-hour Pack. This was in February. Before the next billing cycle, I loaded the sum of N10,000 to take care of access for the month of March, though they had not sent me my bill yet – and they still haven’t sent that bill till today.

In addition, the GloMobile billing system was unaccessible for days at a time, with the given excuse being that a system upgrade was going on. Apparently, it was more than a system upgrade. Or could it be that the upgrade screwed their billing system?

Usually, GloMobile sends out the bill for the previous month sometime in the first 12 days of a curent month. Today is the 13th and I have received no bill yet. Yesterday, my line was suddenly disconnected. On calling the Glo contract care line, I was told that I had an outstanding of N18,000 on my line!

My colleagues at work had warned me earlier about the consequences of getting on Glo’s contract service, almost swearing by their grandfather’s beards that they’d rather die than be yoked to GloMobile. Well, I got a mild “told you so” from them yesterday.

I have since removed the GloMobile data SIM from my phone and replaced it with a SIM from another network. As far as I am concerned, Glo’s billing is unacceptable. There is clearly something wrong going on.

And I’m tired of being the fall guy. Anybody else with similar experiences with GloMobile’s data service?

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  1. I was going through the MN archives this morning and ran into this statement I made as far back as August 2008:

    Those who know know that taking on a contract with any GSM network in Nigeria eventually leaves a sour – if not outrightly bitter – taste in the mouth. Those who stay on the contract packages are those who are content to be cheated at every turn.

    My advice? Stay away from contract packages like the plague.

    This was in my article titled From Celtel to Zain; GPRS further restricted. Then how many months after, I went ahead and jumped on a GloMobile contract – and got bitten again. Maga.

    Now I believe what my colleagues at Alireta keep saying about me: “You are hopelessly beyond redemption“.

    Makes me ask myself once in a while, “Why do I ever bother?” Perhaps, I just keep hoping that things will be different someday?

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