GSM network operator, GloMobile, have launched a new series of internet plans targeted at handsets, smarthones and tablets. The plans are: Instant Surf – 24

GloMobile Launches Handsets, Smartphones and Tablets Internet Plans

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glo handset tablet plans
GSM network operator, GloMobile, have launched a new series of internet plans targeted at handsets, smarthones and tablets. The plans are:

  • Instant Surf – 24 hour validity, 10MB data, N100. Dial *127*51# to subscribe
  • One Week – 7 day validity, 50MB data, N400. Dial *127*52# to subscribe
  • Always Micro – 30 day validity, 200MB data, N1,000. Dial *127*53# to subscribe
  • Always Macro – 30 day validity, 1GB data, N3,000. Dial *127*54# to subscribe

Customers can also text ‘menu’ to 127 to get more details about the above plans.



  1. glo is the bomb! just subscribed for their always min plan today which data offering was jacked up from 1.5gig to 3gig.

  2. All these offers are incredibly tempting, it’s a pity that glorify internet service and provisioning is screwed up where I am

  3. For goodness, why is glo not inovative but always copy cat? They should hv mk or reduce d prize of smartphone or add more data to it. Let Airtel roll out their 3G as i cant find it yet on my phone. Anyone using Airtel 3G pls. Why wil stil stick to Airtel is dat i can add more data to d current on and my vilidty wil xtend too, is any othr ntwk doing d same?

  4. I subscribed to the always day data plan and now I cannot migrate to the new micro plan. What can I do to make it possible? I am stuck in limbo.

  5. I expected Glo to have rolled this out long ago. Anywayz, I’ll just wait for MTN to copy this move. Nice move by Glo though.

  6. Good move Glo ! I assume we don’t need the “gloflat” settings anymore ?? I guess we were unofficially test running their service before now… Can anyone tell me if the gloflat settings is still needed.. My female friend thinks it’s hard work setting up the gloflat AP on her phone but she wants the 200mb bundle. Help anyone help !

  7. Thanks Yomi, so subscribers still have to manually set up the gloflat AP ? I was thinking glo will forward the settings after subscribing to any of the plans … I guess I’l find out when I renew my subscription. Thanks anyway !

  8. You can only subscribe to another package when your current plan expeires. Meanwhile, be sure you disable auto renew by sending CANCEL to 127

  9. yeah what Yomi and Austine have said. Wait til u finish current plan b4 u can, though its alow on Airtel netwk.

  10. Good move by Glo.
    Those of us in the rural settings have always suffered data network outage regardless of which network. MTN which seems to be more stable than the others have not deemed it fit to help us with reduced tarrif. Sad.

    Could anyone help give a small tutorial on how to manually configure this gloflat settings as some of us have no access to a glo care centre. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  11. It depends on the phone you are using, but whatever phone phone you are using the parameters to input are.
    You will usually find it under internet or connection setting > Access Points
    They are case sensitive
    Profile Name (Optional): Glo3Gprepaid
    APN (Access Point Name): gloflat
    username: flat
    password: gprs
    Pasword Promt: No
    Authentication: Normal

  12. I decided to subscribe to the instant surf data plan just to try out the service;it appears a little tricky to set up. I tried connecting using the gloflat settings i manually entered, but could not connect after repeated attempts. Then i connected via glodirect, checked my balance and the credit i had in there was deducted.

    Please, i’d like to know,if my use of the glodirect access point would automatically cancel my data subscription? And yet, when i sent the code for my subscription, i got comfirmation and the message also said my plan would automatically be activated when i start browsing!

    I mean, were we expected to use our regular access point in the first place? And yet, i’m still billed per kB. Need help cos I’m confused here – sorry, this my first time subscribing to glo. Now i’ll have to hold back on the always micro plan which actually caught my fancy.

  13. David,

    Using glodirect will not cancel your bundle subscription. The glodirect settings are for Pay-as-you-browse usage, which is why your airtime was billed when you used those.

    If you are unable to browse with Gloflat after subscription, you can try switching your phone off and back on and then trying again. If that fails, it means that for some reason your service activation has been delayed.

  14. Lots of thanks Yomi. I’ll try your suggestion. If it still fails, i guess i’ll call customer care to let me know of my subscription status or even ask for clarification on this ‘mobile’ data plan business

  15. @Austine,

    Thanks. I’ll try out the settings.

    Glo has now joined Airtel as the only ones giving 1Gb data for N3000. Hope the rest will follow.

  16. Phew! Finally, ive got my subscription going and its right about 12 midnite

    Eight hours after i sent my instant surf code! I got an sms from glo at midnight asking me to go to or send activate to 127 and then i got another sms with a list of the various mobile plans (for handsets) with numbers assigned to them. So i sent the corressponding number to my prefered data plan to 127 and that was it. And I’m surfing on gloflat too.

    Goodness, this is not the txt/dial code – wait a few seconds n surf experience you’ll get from other networks. Its all good though…

  17. For activating a glo sim using IVR, call 121 then press 1 then 2 then 3 then 3, your line should be activated.

    For s60 phones, locate ‘destinations’ in connectivity settings then create a new access point

    Packet Access point: gloflat
    username: flat
    password: flat
    authentication: normal

    Dont change advanced settings, then set its priority to 1.

    For nokia s40 phones, go to settings > configurations > personal configuration then create new Personal configurations;

    1. Access point
    Name: glo
    packet data acc pt: gloflat
    username: flat
    password: flat
    authentication: normal
    network type: ipv4

    2. Web settings
    Name: glo
    username: flat
    password: flat
    Use preferred access point: yes

    Activate both settings then set prefered access point to ‘glo’.

    For other devices, locate the internet settings/profiles, then create a new access point with the parameters above. Set it to default then u can start browsing.

  18. Better still, delete the glo direct settings from your phone. This will ensurethat your phone does not automatically switch to glo direct connection. That is what I do.

  19. This manual setting Task is totally unacceptable, how many people can do it.

    An average person wants convenience and that why I go with glo infinito for voice but all these manual setting gingo for data is not ok for the general public.

  20. But i think glo need to activate ur sim for internet 1st so dat it now show G, E or 3G b4 u talk abot d settings n ur param…. bla bla

  21. All this trouble just to set up?.. Hmm am sticking to ETISALAT.. Sha, de 200mb make sense sha, just unlock any moderm and u re game… Glo users, enjoy.. We re ok with ETISALAt…

  22. The sub codes are not working. I tried them and what I got was that they were not compatible with my current plan when I am not on any plan.

  23. Am using glo mobile internet for the first time…although am on EDGE..have been impressed with their data…superb!

  24. At the moment Glo is the best in both voice and data plans. This is my reason: with MTN u can’t access emails from your message box and some applications won’t open… With Airtel their network is too slow and takes several minutes to load pages, its only fast @ midnight etc… With Etisalat its also slow and ur subscription is not 24 hours cos it always expire by 12 midnight whether u subscribed @ 11:55 pm. But with Glo u re covered. Glo has their own fibre optic back-bone called glo1 therefore making their data speed too fast above all other networks in naija.
    Glo i love u, rule ur world glo.

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