Glo is yet to fix the poor quality of their recharge cards. I have all GSM network SIMs, and scratching a GloMobile recharge card is a traumatic experience.

GloMobile recharge – Rule or Ruin your world?

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Glo is yet to fix the poor quality of their recharge cards. I have all GSM network SIMs, and scratching a GloMobile recharge card is a traumatic experience.

Have you ever purchased a mobile recharge card and while scratching it to reveal the airtime PIN, ran into trouble? You have? Awesome! You’re not alone. This used to be a common occurence on almost all the mobile networks in the past. Thankfully, many of them have addressed the issue and you don’t have to approach the scratching of your card with “fearful trepidation” as someone expressed their morbid fear of scratching GloMobile recharge cards yesterday.

Yes; Glo. GloMobile is probably the last of the GSM dinosaurs to fix the poor quality of their recharge cards. A friend expressed her experience with scratching Glo recharge cards yesterday, and almost everyone who responded to her complaints agreed that Glo has the poorest quality recharge cards in the industry.

I concur. I have all four GSM network SIMs, and scratching a Glo card is the most traumatic experience of the lot. As a matter of fact, whenever I purchase a GloMobile recharge card, I ask the vendor to kindly help with the scratching. You see, it takes skills. Sadly, I don’t have them.

GloMobile recharge card

Users complain about GloMobile recharge cards

Here are samples of what people are saying about Glo recharge cards:

I will share a recent personal experience.

Just this week, I was in a hurry and purchased a N500 Glo recharge card without getting it scratched on my behalf. I’m sure that you know how the story went. I ended up with a damaged card and couldn’t figure out the airtime PIN. I had to call the customer care liine.

Thankfully, I have access to the special line for “high networth customers”, and got through in one dial (does anyone still get through via 121?). I lodged my complaint and was asked for the serial number of the damaged GloMobile recharge card and the PIN numbers that I could see. My line was later credited with the airtime value.

Lovely customer care service. Issue resolved nicely. Still, what would it cost Glo to produce better recharge cards and spare customers the ritual trauma that comes from trying to scratch those cards with “fearful trepidation”?

Over to you, Glo. I know your guys read this blog. I can assure you that you’ve lost many customers to this issue alone. Our BP should never have to go up anytime we want to top up our Glo prepaid lines.


  1. Workaround..

    use the paper type (recharge paper), load right there and then.

    it is foolproof, and eco friendlier.

    better still, do ATM / online recharge, and save the forests..

  2. One trick that works for me is using soft sand to scratch the cards… Dirty, you’ld say, but it does work.

    Just like Eyebeekay rightly mentioned, its high time we started using e-alternative

  3. The paper cards are only available for smaller denominations and the e-alternatives may not work consistently. The GTBank GT mobile app rocks though, buying airtime is one of the things you can do with it.

  4. All the story always landed on tortoise. Glo need a serious internal reorganisation. The company is getting many things wrong. The availability of different options should not be an excuse for not producing recharge cards with quality papers. I have experienced this many time in the past and it is annoying. Glo is making things look like as if local branding is synonymous to failure. Glo needs to start growing up. Enough of all these sordid practices.

  5. I had the same experience with their #500 cards over nd over, eventually i learnt to buy only 200 cards from glo.
    And i had to go their glo world offices as the polite fellows that answer my calls never seem to be capable over resolving it over the air. And why does it take a full day plus to be credited.

  6. As regards scratching those GLO recharge cards without obliterating any of the digits, I have observed that…

    there is increased likelihood of a problem if the card is somewhat damp. the card must be sawdust_dry

    using the blunt portion of a pair of scissors to gently scratch ~ always works flawlessly..

    rubbing gently against a fairly abrasive surface (like a wall) before scratching, also works..

    if all that has you scratching YOUR head, follow Martinkem`s strategy of going the “PaperWay”

  7. ”Thankfully, I have access to the special line for “high networth customers”, and got through in one dial (does anyone still get through via 121?)”

    …well, can you help us mere mortals with that little ‘Premium Customer Care Line’. It’ll be a good change if i don’t sleep off for once while waiting for them to pick up

  8. saiddigge, the special access line is 100. I doubt that its accessible to the general public like that. Do give it a shot and let’s have feedback here. cheers.

  9. Wow, for a time I thought I may have been too rough on the Glo cards. I will say that the worst are from N500 – N5,000 recharge cards. On my honor there is a damaged Glo N500 recharge card in my wallet right now but I am too lazy to go to Gloworld to resolve the issue. Without exaggerating I have damaged close to 7 recharge cards. It so sad.

  10. Very frustrating. My pin was destroyed while trying to load.I called 100 as directed above but was directed to dial 121. When I did that an electronic responder answered but when I made my request there was no reply even though the call was active. After a long time , I had to drop without success.Pity.

  11. It’s cool glo network is good but d recharge card should nt have been an issue of discussion. Just make d card harder so that wen scrating d silver panel no stress or better make d cover coloured and let d inner be plain info like d 100 and 200 it’s safe and economical

  12. They were now using another method to waste your,s like when you purchase recharge card and try to load it will not work and the system alert keep saying load with another pin or try again after 2 hour so and so I have card of #200 in to two in my wallet which is #400 and if you call customer care you have enough time to go owerri come back to Lagos before they will answer you at the end the problem will not solve may god purnish glo

  13. That would be the greatest mistake u will ever make
    I just made a recharge from my account and they automatically subscribed me to one so called four times recharge.
    The money was never credited to me and i called the customer care all i igot is trash.
    this is’nt the first time they would take money from me unneccessary without any justifiable reason.

    I m ay not look like a threat now, but i will teach them never o underestimate what an aggrieved customer can do

    I will do everything i can to destroy them in the little way i can

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