I have been using my GLO blackberry internet service for a while now, and if there’s anything their customer care service officers are good at,

Glo's 'lying' BlackBerry customer care service

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I have been using my GLO blackberry internet service for a while now, and if there’s anything their customer care service officers are good at, it is LYING and DECEPTION.

I had BIS disruption yesterday (29th August) from 7pm, I thought it was one of those network issues, so i didn’t bother calling 333. When I checked again around 10pm, all I still had was GSM. I just went to bed thinking all will be well before dawn.

ALAS!! I was deceiving myself. I called a friend of mine who works at GLO to confirm if their Glo One cable has been tampered with again (that’s one of the biggest LIES that we hear from them). She confirmed to me that everything was okay and that I should call the BlackBerry helpline 333).

On calling 333, the CCO (customer care officer) asked for my phone details and number. I also told her that I was using a curve 8250. She recommended a hard reset and a disconnection of all connections. I replied that I already did those things.

And YES the deception began. She told be to do the following: ‘Go to OPTIONS»ADVANCED OPTIONS»SERVICE BOOK and press ALT (bp…) Can’t remember the codes now »Manage connections » Do a hard reset.

I did all that and nothing happened. Still had GSM. I decided not to call back because I didn’t have more time to waste with their customer care officers who are paid to tell lies to subscribers.

Why not just tell us (the subscribers) that your network is down? Why not tell us your servers are down? Why form ‘activities’? Why make us feel as though the fault is always from the BlackBerry phone?

I am sick and tired of the LYING and DECEPTIVE GLO Blackberry Customer service.

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  1. As expected. Glo used to be my number one as per data but of recent they have been deleted off my list, they are not transparent in the communication of information to paying customers.

  2. It is not the fault of the CCO most of them don’t know nothing. An average mobility person is well verse in mobile technology than most CCO officers

  3. I don’t get the reason you’re complaining – I have yet to find Customer Service Agents for any network who tell the truth.

    I do not understand why they have to lie rather than honestly say there’s a problem with the service. Will the business collapse if we the customer, God forbid, are aware of a major breakdown on the network?

    We don’t need to know the details, just tell us the service is down and we don’t know when we’ll get it back up, we apologise blah blah. That would save me time and effort calling you – and probably a lot of others.

    It’s continuous lies like this that make customers want to port their number. But then this is sadly a reflection of a many things in our society so these lies shouldn’t surprise us.

  4. Bosun is right. It’s so unfortunate. This is not about glo alone. It applies to all the networks.

  5. My Glo bbcomplete subscription is ending today and I’m already on MTN BBC completely against my wish for obvious reasons.
    I have a strong 3G glo and etisalat in my area that of MTN is not stable. It is almost 4months now I have been experiencing poor glo BB service in my area. I initially didn’t bother since I wasn’t always around. Now that I’m back at my place and staying, I’ve called glo CCO more than 4 times in a month with complaint of practically unusable bb service in my area despite strong 3G signals.

    The last I spoke with vehemently stood her ground almost abusing me that glo network is fine in my area that if there were problems they would have noticed them. I just silently ended my call and promised to switch to MTN which I’m using now.

    The only solution to these rubbish is fast implementation of number portability by NCC. Until then, customers are in for it.

  6. Failure of BB service is not new to glo blackberry subscribers. I have to switched to Etisalat blackberry subscription last week after getting tired of having to switch from 3g to 2g most times before having bb service on my bold9900.
    I have been using the etisalat bb subscription since last week and i have not had any drop in 3g bb service.
    Quality of service (Qos) is zero generally in Nigeria mobile communication bussiness and NCC is not doing anything to help the consumers. The customer care people knows nothing about the technology they support, so don’t count on any info from the customer care support. I believe they lack the proper customer care training.

  7. Ziccoit,
    You have just profound a solution to all these problems ” IMPLEMENTATION OF NUMBER PORTABILITY BY NCC”.
    But do we really have a functional NCC?
    NCC that the mobile operators no longer obey their directive on sanctions.
    Our regulatory agencies need to be working without compromising the interest of the people.

  8. glo used to b my no.1 in call and data but now they are no.3
    mtn 1
    eti 2
    glo 3
    glo unstability is more than becareful in okota isolo, dont know about ur area’ unstability of their 3G cause many damages in my phone. battery,frezzing,heating etc
    am disappointed in glo. my glo sim is on brake a minus 4 them. they first introduce per mins,200mb @ 1000 but allowing other network to overtake them.
    i hate mtn but i still get value 4 my money,

  9. Glo glo glo!!! Up till this moment my bb network is yet to be reactivated! The most annoying part of it is that whenever I call the customer care, different persons get to attend to me and it’s like my case is refreshed and nothing has been achieved up till nw. I don’t want to believe that my active BIS will waste just like that because that will not be fair because I have spent so much time and money just on this particular issue, I have called the customer care, tried calling your fake 333 service but it’s neva connecting, I av also visit a glo office on this particular issue and has also gone as far as sending Glo a mail just on this issue. Please this issue needs an answer, waiting…

  10. Glo is a complete and total fraud! Even when I have an active internet plan they keep draining and collecting my credit everytime I use the internet. When u call them they keep referring you to one place or the other. I have saved all the records of how they steal my units and I’m going to sue them. As rich as they are they are still stealing from the poor. Glo is simply a disgrace of a company. Even without making a single voice call they take thousands every 5 to 10 minutes. They need to be prosecuted.

  11. Glo has been supercalifragilisticdocious in terms of Data over a year and a half that i have been using blackberry 10 but four days ago, i subscribed and my subscription was confirmed but i have not been able to use my data. the 333 customer care number is also not helping matters. Also, my credit has been unjustly taken by some chips i did not subscribe to. imagine i loaded 500 and i called just one person for about a minute and when i checked my balance it was 50 Naira left.

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