Two people are having a conversation, when one asks a question, and the other in a bid not to give an answer to the question,

Go Ask Google

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Two people are having a conversation, when one asks a question, and the other in a bid not to give an answer to the question, says ‘Go ask Google’. Some see it as a jab. Others see it as being rude. However that statement is taken, the truth is if people would pay attention to those words, they would walk away with more answers to their questions than with annoyance in their hearts.

Google is a search portal available on the internet. Whatever information you want, spell it out in the Google search engine and answers await you. Whether it’s a brilliant question like ‘What is calamari?’ or a not so brilliant question like ‘What is the colour of charcoal?’

Every time I get on Google, especially when it’s in line with my areas of interest, I’m always amazed at the amount of information available to me. I always wish I could ‘eat’ them all at once. So it really can be irritating when the average person holding a smartphone only feels cool and fly to have a posh phone but is not excited about the resource at his fingertips. Sometime ago, an organization was carrying out an awareness campaign on cervical cancer. Some representatives from the organization where speaking with some ladies and these ladies had no idea where the cervix is located in their bodies. The representatives really felt pained because these ladies owned connected BlackBerry phones.

It has been said that if you want to hide something from a Nigerian, put it in writing. Is this why people are not utilizing the power of search engines? Is it a case of not knowing the beauty and power available out there on the web or what? Please geeks help me out! Anyway, the next time you are tempted to ask the person standing or sitting next to you about something, just get smart and go ask Google instead.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way putting an advert out for Google. I know there are other search engines out there. I only chose to use Google in my article because I feel it is very popular.


  1. So much on point brother. people are not making use of the power of the device they spend so much on. It beats me that people will be rushing to get the latest device out there only to use it as status symbol when dumb phone could serve them just right in the basic call and text that they deploy these phones.

    True, the fashion or trend aspect still holds, but using the phones features will not stop them from showing off their gadgets if that aspect is very important.

  2. I am impressed beyond the ordinary, that its a lady that put up this writeup. Around me, people ask me all kind of questions.And i get so angry when people have internet connected phones and they are asking you, how many local govt councils do we have in Nigeria? Jeez! what is wrong with you-google it out!One time, in a church meeting,my pastor asked a question about a foreign number that called him,no one seem to know the originating country.Within 100seconds, i had put in the code to generate Uzbekistan. And brethren thought i am super intelligent-well, thanks to google and the speed of the network.
    Google knows every thing, i told a friend once. I had used google to do a consultancy business on bio diesel production,even I was amazed at the level of advanced chemistry floating freely on the internet.One could establish a kingdom from free info on the www empire.
    Well done Izi

  3. I respect Mr Mo’s generation that did their projects, term papers and assignments without resorting to google.
    How did you guys pull it off?

  4. Very true Izi. And like jujukemist, I sometimes get angry or often irritated with people close to me that I espect to know better. Outsiders – I can still indulge. The arguement is always that it is slower to search to which I respond, “if I don’t have the answer nko? – Won’t you still google it?”

    Why would I want to ask someone the meaning of a word for example if I can check myself? I agree sometimes asking for help is a quicker way of getting answers but then you are limited by that person’s knowledge or understanding of the question – If s/he gives a wrong answer or half-truth, then you haven’t truly learned.

    And on using google as an example, you don’t owe anyone an apology or need the disclaimer. Afterall they are still the leader when search is concerned. As an aside, who remembers altavista?

  5. I respect Mr Mo’s generation that did their projects, term papers and assignments without resorting to google. How did you guys pull it off?

    The library was my friend back then 🙂

  6. There could be things you may be unable to get answers to by using a search engine like Google. but they are very very rare.

    An example would be:

    Are Nigerians likely to vote foolishly again – come the next election, based on current NON_performance?

    In such a situation, asking someone would be justifiable.

    But it is almost always better to use a search engine to address your question.

    The advantage is, you can compare several answers, and verify the veracity.

    If you ask an individual, how can you verify the correctness of the answer proffered?

    After all, opinion is one of the cheapest commodity around. Everybody has one.

    Your search engine gives you access to several opinions / facts – for comparative purpose.

    That way, you are surer.

  7. Several years ago, a lecturer in class asked a question and no one had a clue. I discreetly googled the term and my hands shot up. After answering the question, the lecturer gave me bonus 10marks which he added to my overall exam score for that course. 😀

  8. How ironic that this was the same conversation I was having with Efe in the Technology vs Spirituality post. People will log into a website, seek out a forum and ask a question in the same space of time it will take them to search for the same on the internet. There’s something not right there.

    And I really find it incredulous that anyone’s perspective is so narrow that they can’t imagine what it was like to study at university before the internet – like books are stone age artefacts. I guess from this those of us who studied in the 80s and 90s perhaps were clueless as to what was happening in the rest of the world unlike the well-informed students of the 21st century I’m sure.

    Sadly, I fear we will have a generation that can’t retain information if they don’t have an internet connection or smartphone!

  9. Eureka! this is it @Noni just fixed my headache . .yes this internet droids, cant retain information,because they live on software feeds,it doesnt stick. We were the previlaged generation who mutated from Hardware/Library in the later 1990s into the Software/internet grid. Aha, we can still retain,no wonder,no wonder,these kids (in the Brain) cant Google,even when carrying a 60k superphone.

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