Are you one of those who pronounce Google as Gogle? For some reason, when I was thinking of this article, “Gogle” came to mind. Anyway,

Google Station Free Wifi Review and Speedtest Results

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Are you one of those who pronounce Google as Gogle? For some reason, when I was thinking of this article, “Gogle” came to mind. Anyway, if you have read the first part of my review of Google’s Free Wi-fi service, you already know how I ran into a hitch and could not proceed. Like I promised, I returned to Ikeja City Mall with a second non-ported line and gave it another shot.

How did it go this time? Come along as I share the experience with you.

So, once again, at the mall, I searched for and found the Google Station hotspot, when asked for a mobile number, I typed in the new one and in a few moments, the SMS containing a 4-digit code arrived on my phone. I punched the code into the provided field on the login portal, taped the “Connect” button, and voila! I was connected.

gogle station hotspot sms verification

Signing up with Google Station is a far less tedious experience than signing up with say Red Cheetah or City Connect, both also free wifi services in Lagos. Both Red Cheetah and City Connect require you to download an app first. Hian!

Like I have said before, this matter of downloading an app in order to use a free wifi service is just too much of a hassle. Nobody has time for that. How Gogle – oops! Google – has done it is a much better approach.

Google Station Speedtest Results

After connecting, I ran a number of speedtests and came up with the following results:

  1. 31.51 Mbps download / 377 Mbps upload. Latency: 110ms
  2. 5.59 Mbps download / 29.77 Mbps upload. Latency: 113ms
  3. 26.28 Mbps download / 27.40 Mbps upload. Latency: 107ms
  4. 11.84 Mbps download / 31.99 Mbps upload. Latency: 114ms

Those speeds are not bad at all. I wonder though if they won’t drop over time as more people become aware of the service and usage increases.

Google, Not Gogle

Google Station ranks up there among the easiest free hotspots to use in Lagos. I will definitely be using it every time I am in a covered location. For now, those locations are limited to:

  1. Domestic Airport, Ikeja
  2. Ikeja City Mall
  3. University of Lagos, Akoka
  4. Computer Village, Ikeja
  5. The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki
  6. Landmark Centre, VI

And do not forget, it is pronounced Google, not Gogle. Tell your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and especially the aunties and uncles who seem to fancy the name as a reference to spectacles. Repeat after me: G-O-O-G-L-E.

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