Here is a good 3rd party Facebook app for BB10 users

Posted by Mister Mobility

Following the announcement of the discontinuation of the official Facebook app for Blackberry 10, BlackBerry 7 and older devices, BlackBerry users must be feeling stuck. All hope is not lost though for BB10 users. There is a good 3rd party app for Facebook available for them: Face10 by Nemory Studios.

If you own a BB10 smartphone and want to keep using Facebook, go download Face10. It is the only alternative that I am aware of. If you do know any other 3rd party Facebook app for BB10, please share using the comment form below.

What of Facebook for Android?

As you may know, BlackBerry 10 supports the installation of Android apps. So, that is another alternative route. If you know how to side-load, you can get the Android app APK file and install it on your BB10 device. That may work just as well or not though.

BlackBerry 7 and Older?

And if you are still using a smartphone running BlackBerry 7 or earlier, don’t be such a dinosaur. Do retire that thing and join the rest of the world in moving forward. Tehehe.


  1. Why do i need a 3rd party app to use Facebook on my Blackberry? My Facebook app is working well

  2. Have you not heard that the latest updates of Facebook app rolled out yesterday no longer supports blackberry phones?

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