One essential element of the smartphone is the audio quality. If you use a device with great audio, you will enjoy lots of music and


How to get good audio quality from your Android smartphone

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One essential element of the smartphone is the audio quality. If you use a device with great audio, you will enjoy lots of music and videos. This makes for an awesome experience with your smartphone. However, not all Android phones have good audio quality. But you can improve the sound quality of your smartphone and increase the volume.


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Here are some tips to improve sound quality on your device:

  1. Check your settings: Depending on your device, you can optimize your smartphone’s sound quality through the settings. On Samsung’s TouchWiz, just plug in your audio device if you are using one, then go to Settings>Sound>Audio Settings. You will find a series of options to enhance your audio experience. MiUi from Xiaomi has an enhancer for headphones. Just switch it on and pick the type you are using.
  2. Your default music app might not give you good audio quality. In this case, you need to install an audio player with more audio control. One such app is Poweramp, which has a 10-band equalizer and numerous audio tweaks and resets.
  3. Some smartphones’ audio controls are not really comprehensive. Some only work on the default music app. therefore, you need to install an equalizer app.
  4. Sometimes, your smartphone might not be producing quality sound because of the speaker placement. There are smartphones that possess twin speaker grills, but a lot of times only one produces sound. If your speaker is blocked, then your smartphone will not produce good sound. Know where your speakers are and try to keep them uncovered.
  5. You might need to get a decent pair of headphones to enjoy good audio quality on your device. This is because some smartphone speakers simply aren’t good enough to produce great sounds. Find the one that suits you best and enjoy.
  6. You can also boost your speaker volume if you root your phone. There are some simple tweaks to cross the maximum volume for Android. Also, you can use smart positioning to get better sound from your phone. For example, if you place your device in a box, in a bowl or in an empty glass, it sounds louder.
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  2. A phone with good quality sound makes me want to listen to music more and more, but I believe with good headphone and a correct music app installed in your phone, you can enjoy your music always.

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