Good Boys or Bad Boys: What Do Women Want?

Many months ago, I was in the company of friends when one of them, a lady, smiled at me sweetly and said, “Yomi, the gentleman. So gentle that no woman wants him.” We all laughed. Friends do say the darnedest things, after all. But I knew exactly what she meant.

Last weekend, I was chatting with another friend about books and movies. In the course of our discussion, I mentioned that I am not a huge fan of romance movies and novels. She replied, “Tough guy, uhn?” Of course, I am no tough guy (or I am just living in denial). I replied that I can be an odd mix of many things. Her response included this:

“But you know women hardly like soppy guys. We like tough boys/bad boys kinda characters.”

She was saying exactly what my other friend had said many months back. The words were only different. I really do think that there are two sides to this bad boy thing: ladies who get the bad boys also tend to suffer. The badness comes at a cost. And then, they complain and lament. Which often makes me ask, “What do women want?”

Still, I may be getting the ladies wrong. Right? We often speak different languages, so, let’s do this. Can the ladies here tell us exactly what they mean when they say that they prefer the tough guy / bad boy? If there are any confirmed tough guys and bad boys reading too, please feel free to share in the comments section. Let’s tango!


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