Well known online retailer Amazon has just launched the Amazon Global Program. This venture allows buyers from other countries (other than US and U.K) to

Good News!! Amazon now ships items directly to Nigeria and 75 more countries

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Well known online retailer Amazon has just launched the Amazon Global Program. This venture allows buyers from other countries (other than US and U.K) to ship items directly to their addresses. This program covers a majority of the of items in Amazon’s product catalog – automotive, baby, clothing, consumer electronics, industrial and scientific, jewelry, shoes, software, sporting goods, tools, toys, video games, etc.


All the above items can be shipped to Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and many other countries worldwide. Amazon will also be responsible for customs clearance of your items, because your import duty will also be estimated during checkout, hence the courier will be responsible for that.

There’s also an added option to track you shipments, to know where it is, and when it would be delivered. Now imagine all the exclusive goodies in the Amazon store plus the possibility of having them shipped directly to you doorpost.

This is definitely a wake up call for 3rd party shipment services like Chrismallvic, MallforAfrica and the rest. I hope Jumia and Konga are reading this.



  1. Please educate me. I have bought a book before and was delivered directly to my department. Shipping was refunded because it was a couple of days late.

    What’s changed?

  2. Previously you could only ship books, CD’s and DVD’s. The new program spreads it to other items

  3. Elroy is right, only that the shipping and clearance fee on some items are crazy then you realize it’s better to use a third-party service.

    If you have a Nigerian shipping address on your amazon account, try to check out then you’ll know if you making a smart purchase.

    I was ‘lucky’ sometime ago, when I shipped a Sebago shoe for around $30.

  4. Its has not only been books and cds in a long time, and it’s expensive you’ll think the third party shipping companies are doing you a huge favor.

    I just checked with a $13 SanDisk SD card and it’ll cost $42 to get it to my address.

  5. Normally I make use of MYus.com to ship my packages from Amazon,all told it’s relatively cheap compared to what Amazon might charge with mandatory customs duty included,at least with MYus.com you’ll most likely not pay any duty unless you are extremely unlucky..

  6. Good news! I was just charged $1,000,000 to ship a $508 phone. Yay! Im so glad! Thank you Amazon

  7. Have you tried MyUS.com ‘True Price’ option before? I’ll like to know; because their standard charges are expensive but very fast.

    I remembered the first time I made my first purchase on Amazon. With a free trial of Amazon Prime + DHL shipping ($137), I got the package exactly 5days and few hours.

  8. LMAO!!!

    I can’t wait to try this service when I’m free.

    Maybe I’ll be charged $500 to ship a game disc. 🙂

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