Good News!! Wattpad will get a Windows Phone app soon

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Wattpad is one great collection of writers and stories. A platform where aspiring writers submit fictional stories and connect with readers. I was once a regular on the site, as it carries thousands of stories covering various genres of writing. There’s an app for iOS and Android, but none for Windows Phone users.


People have complained and they replied with a positive response:

Hi there!
Thank you for reaching out to us at Wattpad Support! I hope that I can provide some clarity on this today.

We have heard a lot of feedback about getting a Windows Phone app for Wattpad. Given that this has been a very popular request, we passed this on to our product team for possible future deployment. They are currently looking into the possibility of developing this app for this platform. Unfortunately though, we do not have strict timelines as to when this will be available for our users. However, as we get more information, we will be sure to let our users know!

Please hang tight there – we are always looking for ways to improve Wattpad to meet our users needs and your voice has definitely been heard!

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

This has been the general case with Windows Phone users,with apps arriving very late. We’re hopeful the trend will change with Windows 10 mobile.



  1. I don’t think they have choice, especially as there is no official Wattpad app for Windows Phone. By the time they do release it (notice they said there’s no strict timelines), I can bet W10M will be out.

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