The Xiaomi we know is a very impressive brand. Started just a few years ago, they pride in making solid, beautiful, high quality devices, and

Good news!! Xiaomi prepares to storm Africa in 14 countries

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The Xiaomi we know is a very impressive brand. Started just a few years ago, they pride in making solid, beautiful, high quality devices, and selling them at outrageously low prices. Over the years they have grown in China – their home country – and even out-muscling Apple to claim top spot this year. Outside China, in places like India, the company is also doing well.

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Reports from Forbes indicate that Xiaomi is about make a presence in sub-Saharan Africa. This will be made possible through a partnership with Mobile in Africa Limited, which has footprints in 14 countries around the region. Van Spaandonk Executive Director of Core Group made the following statements:

“I think Xiaomi is currently one of the most exciting mobile internet brands. It is very well suited to the needs and income levels of the emerging middle classes in Africa,”

“There is a great need for mobile technology in Africa that is of top-notch quality but still affordable. What I found in Xiaomi is a company, and a business model, that can accommodate the needs of African consumers,”

The report also claims that two Xiaomi devices will be launched next month in South Africa, the Xiaomi Red Mi 2 ($160) and the Xiaomi Mi 4 ($320). And they will be sold exclusively online as with the tradition of Xiaomi in other regions. These are good signs and hopefully we’ll get to see one in Nigeria.



  1. By the time they get to Nigeria, they will cost about 30K and 60K each running Android Kitkat when you can get the Infinix hot 2 running Android 5.1.1 for less than N20k. naaah, i’ll pass

  2. I have patiently waited for Mobility Arena to publish this story!

    At last! I don’t think the likes of Infinix or Tecno have anything to worry about – yet. The real loser is likely to be Samsung, which isn’t doing all that well in China compared to their nemesis Apple. Now if Xiaomi can get a chunk of the African market that Samsung currently has….

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Xiaomi has in store for the African market.

  3. I expect them not to be that expensive, since it’s the company itself coming to African markets

  4. rising waters lift all ships. the better the competition, the better the value for consumers. Xiaomi getting in the African market is good news in the long run. even if you’re not interested in their current offerings

  5. I don’t expect them to be as expensive as Samsung, but they probably may not be as low as Tecno or Infinix initially.

    Xiaomi has a wide range of devices, I’d like to know exactly which ones they will be introducing to the African market. I hope they do include the flagships and not only low and/or mid range phones.

  6. xiaomi has been favourite brand in india and there were days thousands sold in matter of hours kudos!!! I bought cover too from

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