If you want to sell a product or service online, advertising is key to your digital marketing plan. Google Adwords (also called Google Ads) is one of…

Google Adwords 101: A quick primer for beginners

If you want to sell a product or service online, advertising is key to your digital marketing plan. Google Adwords (also called Google Ads) is one of the ways you can place adverts on websites and in apps. This is a quick introduction, if you are knew to using the service.


What is Google AdWords?

Adwords is a system that lets businesses place adverts on Google’s Display Network. Those ads that you see on many web pages when browsing the WWW are Adwords ads. Businesses pay Google to put those ads out in order to get exposure for their products and services. Of course, the goal is to make sales.

Adwords can be a combination of text, images, and video and are often also seen in ad-supported mobile apps. One of the most powerful features of Adwords is that it supports all types of screens and devices. This makes sure that your ads get the widest visibility possible.



Google AdWords desktop


How does AdWords work?

Advertisers (that would be you) bid on specific keywords in order for their ads to appear on web properties that are a part of the Google ad network. These include blogs, business sites, e-commere sites, news sites, and more.

CPC vs. CPM: Clicks or Impressions?

There are two main ways Google bills you when you set up an ad on their system. The first is CPC (Cost-per-click). You are billed based on how many times people click on your ad.

The other is CPM (Cost-per-impressions), and is billed based on how many impressions your ad generates. In other words, how many times your ad is displayed.

You can use a mix of both methods for your ads, depending on your objectives.

CPA Bidding is an alternative to CPC

CPA (cost-per-action or cost-per-acquisition) bidding is an alternative to cost-per-click bidding, mentioned in the previous section. With CPA, instead of specifying a maximum cost you want to pay for a click, you specify a maximum cost you would like to pay when users carry out an action (or conversion) e.g. like when users subscribe to a newsletter or actually buy an item.

How much does Google AdWords cost?

Access to Adwords is free. All you need is to sign in with a Google account at ads.google.com and start using the service. As already stated, you pay Google for your ads. The cost for each ad is determined by you placing a bid.

As a rule, putting your advert on Google Display Network will cost you less than putting it up on Google Search network.

What are AdWords keywords?

Keywords in AdWords are tied to keywords in search. When people search for an item you sell, you want to make sure that your ad shows up in their search engine results page (SERP). So, you bid on words and phrases that describe your product or service and that people are searching for.


What do you need to create an advert?

Catchy adverts get the best results. A catchy advert is one that grabs viewers’attention and compels them to take action. As such, you will need an effective copy – good text headline and phrase. You will also need good graphics, so it isn’t a bad idea to get a good graphics designer to create some for use in your ads.

How effective is AdWords?

Google AdWords is effective for advertising many kinds of products and services, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are trying it out for the first time, it isn’t a bad idea to run a few small experiments to see what works and how well it works, as well as what does not work, for your business.

google adwords mobile adverts

Are Google Adwords adverts for my business?

  1. You pay for clicks and impressions, not actual sales. Someone may click on your ad and not make a purchase. As a matter of fact, that is more the norm. So, you pay for clicks and impressions without making anything out of it. As such, Google ads may actually be better suited to businesses looking for traffic than actual sales.
  2. If you are a small business, the Google Adwords system is skewed against you. Bigger companies will outbid you on almost any keyword you want, leaving your ads running on the fringes and barely seen.
  3. There is an increasing use of ad blockers by many web users. People using ad blockers do not see Google ads. This means that Google Ads are less visible that ever before. As such, more businesses are turning to other forms of digital marketing.

As can be seen from above list, Google Adwords may be a waste of money for various reasons. For starters, login to Adwords and create a campaign and set your bid. The system will show you what kind of results to expect with whatever amount you are willing to spend.

If you find that Adwords is not fit for your business, you might want to try alternatives like influencer marketing, Facebook ads, content marketing, and other forms of digital marketing.


Become Google Ads Certified

If you would like to pursue a career in digital marketing and want to learn and become Google Ads certified, a good place to start is Google’s Academy for Ads. It is a great online resource that helps you learn on your own.

Do You Need Professional Help With Google Adwords?

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