Google announces Android Experiments for creative and weird ideas

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The open source nature of Android have allowed for lots of growth and development on the platform. Over the years, the operating system has grown in leaps and bounds, eventually becoming the most used mobile platform and featuring in almost a billion devices.

Android experiments

Android as it is has pushed the boundaries of mobile development and to further help this course, Google has introduced Androidexperiments. This new platform is for developers with creative or rather, weird ideas. Here you’re expected to submit experimental Android work showcasing creativity with technology and code.

Experiments is expected to work on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher. Even if it is specified for a set of devices, it should be searchable on Google Play Store.

You can check out the Android Experiment website to view completed projects or submit yours if you have any. Meanwhile you can preview some of the cool inventions in the demo video below.


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